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On Beheading Arabs, Bibi's Legacy of Darkness, and the Mitzvah of Voting Against It


On Beheading Arabs, Bibi's Legacy of Darkness, and the Mitzvah of Voting Against It

Push Comes to Shove Dept: Facing a tight election, Israeli political leaders are descending to newly toxic depths with Netanyahu Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's latest hawkish declaration that "those who are against us - we must take an axe and chop off their heads." The incendiary call to murder those deemed "disloyal" to Israel prompted condemnation, demands for Lieberman's arrest for incitement, and the suggestion his racist fear-mongering is emblematic of a malignant political leadership that must go.


I’m a little surprised that Avigdor Lieberman hasn’t created a Zionist version of Der Stürmer. He and Julius Streicher are two of a kind (apart from only Streicher being dead, of course)


Bibi…I am your Father…Darth Cheney


I’d expect nothing else from these sick clowns. I’ve said for years that Nutty and his gang of Likud fascists belong in rubber rooms, playing with soft toys rather than prancing on the world stage fomenting hatred and discontent.

  • Of course, if it is OK for the King of Saudi, I guess it would be OK for the “king” of Israel.
  • Listening to these clowns makes me think I am looking through the looking glass with Alice, hearing the White Queen screaming “Off with their heads!” “Executions first, then the trial!” Etcetera.


I have been re-reading “Mein Kampf”, something I last did in the eigth grade (long long ago). It can be read on-line for free. What this guy says would fit in seamlessly in just about any chapter.


“Oh, Israel you have sinned” - Moses Heston in The Ten Commandments.

(40) years wandering in the desert is what they deserve.


DARTH CHENEY: Bibi…I am your Father…Darth Cheney

BIBI: " No. That’s not true. I am the chosen one. That’s impossible!"

DARTH CHENEY: “Search your artificial heart, Puke, You KNOW it to be true”


DARTH CHENEY: "Puke, you do not yet realize your importance in this matter. You can destroy the American Empire with AIPAC; the Senators have foreseen this… JOIN ME, and together we can put an end to this destructive conflict and rule the illegal, Haliburton Iranian-Oil-Fields as Father and Son!

BIBI: “Never! I never share resources!”

DARTH CHENEY: “It is the only way.” Hisssss Hisssss

BIBI: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhh!”

(Puke Bibi jumps into the abyss)