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On Being Very Much Against Biden Without Demonizing Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/26/being-very-much-against-biden-without-demonizing-him


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that he’s a lying Sack OS too. And Therefore cannot be trusted.

In a keynote speech at a Saturday dinner for the Delaware Democratic Party, Biden boasted that he has "the most progressive record of anybody running."


…whatever one may think of this, donors matter.

The epitaph of the American Republic. Long live the empire!


But . . .   But . . .   Biden IS the choice of the DamnocRatic Party — or at least he is the choice of the Elitist pro-Korporate core of The Party.  If there were any ‘real mobilizations and victories’ in 2018, they were IN SPITE OF the party’s “leaders”, not because of them.  Biden is the ‘Poster Boy’ for the DCCC’s abominable policy of defending D.I.N.O.s just because they are ‘party loyalists’ and incumbants, and it’s long past time for him and his enablers – Perez and P’Loser – to be retired.


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Madame Mayhem’s class loyalty was a prime factor in her “loss” to Killer Clown, and Joe Dough’s dances with wolves could very like lead to déjà vu all over again.

As for adopting “a bold agenda”, being the consummate opportunist, he might indeed talk some measure of the talk, if he deemed it in his careerist interest to do so

But, like Pelosi and Schumer, if elected he would do all within his power of office to ensure that agenda is never implemented to any effective degree.

So how pyrrhic would that “victory” be?


Jeffrey, you’re a shill.

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I am not so certain that Biden is being demonized at all, actually.

He could be innocent of some charges that are tossed about–the charges about pedophilia and abuse and so forth. Or he might not. Evidence of a whole lot of something was sequestered when the DNC refused to provide its servers for independent investigation of its own public accusations.

What is there here to defend, though, really?

Biden’s problems certainly don’t have much to do with whether or not Warren has bowed to the same paragovernmental organizations that ran the last nomination. That is an issue, and commentators who want to create a party unity ought to deal with that directly.

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Democratic activists are treating Biden with far more consideration than he deserves. Any Democratic Candidate that is opposed to Medicare for All should be attacked viciously. There is only one reason to oppose Medicare for All and we know what it is. The American people are tired of being run over roughshod by corporate interests!

Third Way, indeed. Third Way should be relegated to the trash bin of history.

Stop abusing the American people!


No substantial mention of Biden’s support for corporate America, especially the financial industry. He was the one responsible for changes in bankruptcy law favorable to banks and grossly unfavorable to working people. He is the one who singlehandedly is responsible for students not being able to declare bankruptcy and being indentured to the banks. He is at least partially responsible for the failure of the bailout to help actual homeowners rather than the banks, even the programs that were supposed to help homeowners.

And there was only tangential reference to the fact that he hasn’t learned even after eight years of being stymied by the republicans that they aren’t going to revert to what they used to be. You remember that for the first two thirds of Obama’s presidency he would present a program for consideration only after negotiating with himself to give away half the store in the hopes that the republicans would come to the table, and then he would be forced to give away the other half of the store in order to get his program approved. I wonder if this was at the behest of Biden rather than Obama’s own decision.

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Frontrunner Joe™ sez:
“I’ve been around forever, you know me, I’m decent, I was with Barack, I am not an idiot, and I am not Trump.”

Wow! You couldn’t ask for a punchier and more presidential campaign slogan.

I have already ordered the bumper sticker and the T-shirt.

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WHy not? He’s a useless corporate Stooge.

fuck joe biden … if they force him as the nominee i am seriously thinking of voting for trump …

4 more years of the orange man and we might get some yellow vests MAYBE

“…and while for some white liberals the differences of the past may be things of the past, for those who continue to suffer the consequences of those differences — the consequences of racism — or to be deeply troubled by these consequences, the wounds have not healed.”

No kidding and not just for people of color but for all of us.

What a load of crap this piece is. While progressives et al sat around and watched while HRC was savaged with lies and demonized, characterized as a witch, called every misogynist epithet in the book, you sit here and write this drivel excusing Biden for being a racist political hack.

Let me repeat: racist political hack.

There is no way on the face of the planet to excuse someone who participated in blocking the progress of busing in this country. Maybe you werent, but I was alive and paying attention during the fricking Reagan nightmare and from Gephardt’s flacid leadership in the beginning as Reagan attacked unions, to the very end when H. W. rolled on the scene to take over, the Democrats sat on their hands and allowed it all to take place. Like Kamala Harris said last night, I was also one of the kids who went to school in the 70’s. Although I wasn’t black I went to a predominantly black school in a racist metro- St. Louis city. Poor white rural kids were bused in to the black district and so the district still was poor. That’s how they handled that.

I’m tired of the claims that the Democrats were helpless, no they weren’t, Democrats held a majority in Congress in Reagan’s first term and they rolled over and let him run ripshod over unions, allowed big corporations to move operations out of the midwest leaving a giant hole in that part of the country that still hasn’t healed, allowed corporations to rob our treasury, Reagan to form ALEC, Reagan to take credit for the end of the Soviet Union, on and on.

In fact, I’m really sick of the boomer generation claiming they saved the world. No, a few busted their asses but the rest went along for the drugs and the fun and when that was over, they put on their loafers, picked up their briefcases and left it all behind to build the new Gilded Age in America. Helpless, yeah whatever. Helpless to enjoy those tax cuts, I assume.

Spare me. The Democrats were caught flat-footed and instead of getting up off their proverbial couches, they just turned their backs. Why bother? They weren’t poor blacks or Latinos or women. They weren’t auto workers or machinists with families to support and mortgages to pay. They didn’t give a damn and Biden was one of them.

My lack of any ability to find proof of a God is really disappointing because I find great comfort in imagining Jesse Helms, Thurmond, Talmudge and others suffering the fate that so many black bonds people faced in our sordid past.

Also, I’m a bit sick of the claim that Biden, like Clinton and other neo-liberals love to claim, have the support of “black leadership”. You mean possibly the black caucas? The black caucas that relies on white corporate money and white liberal donors who don’t like to be reminded of their glaring white privilege? That because of the still rampant economic inequality in black communities their ability to provide the enormous economic support needed just isn’t there to allow them an independent voice?

And this inequality persists mostly because of institutions such as educational inequality thanks to the efforts of people like Biden. He, more than Clinton ever did, deserves dismissal, derision and disgust.

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You don’t know me, but the other four descriptions apply at least as well – if not more so – to myself.  Well, not really — I’ll confess to falling for Barack’s bull-shit in 2008.  However by 2009 I had come to my senses, and was with Bernie & 'Beth in both 2012 and 2016.   OTOH I don’t like tee-shirts, so how about some polo shirts emblazoned with “Uncle Fester for Prez”?

That or orange jumpsuits.