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On Bravery, Irony and Marwencol: Hate Is Never Heroic


On Bravery, Irony and Marwencol: Hate Is Never Heroic

Short take on an extraordinary story: In response to the Caitlyn Jenner hoopla, fed-up regular guy posts apparent combat photo to show "what real American courage, heroism, and bravery looks like!" Post goes viral. Then guy discovers "soldiers" are in fact dolls made by a guy beaten almost to death who, as therapy, spent years building his own small world, a 1:6 scale World War II town, to heal himself. One memory he reclaimed: He was attacked for cross-dressing.


Thanks for this full explanation - and thanks as well to the original author for his sharing how it works for him as he does his suvival!! I am inspired - and very grateful. Love/peace, Elizabeth


I read about this Facebook posting with an “ironic twist” in 2 different publications (see below), both touting the “valuable lesson” learned by the poster. To which I say HA!

I went in search of the guy’s FB post, both the 1st & its follow-up “lesson learned” post. It was nearly impossible to find the apologetic follow up, amid the continuing noise about how right his original post was. And I saw that this guy was continuing to hit “like” on such comments & show is appreciation in his replies…

Lesson learned my ass! It seems to have been more of a perfunctory appeasement, a big “mea culpa” OOOPS, before moving on to his new found fan base.

And tho Coffey says he simply got curious about the origins of the photo, so as to give credit where credit was due, it seems very possible (& maybe more likely), that it was the tips he was getting from others about the hypocrisy of his use of that particular photo that spurred his apology. After all, the thing was viral now. He couldn’t simply insert a different photo.

An entry on Snopes says they received an email in the afternoon of June 2nd pointing out this very irony. Coffey made his follow-up post at 6:42pm on June 2nd. The Snopes story also says “…after social media users tipped him to the coincidental nature of his choice of image, he reflected upon his new-found social media fame and responded accordingly (and gracefully).”
Read more at http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/04/terry-coffey-jenner-bravery/#r9tx5DV4LT4elzKy.99

My point is, Coffey’s newly enlightened view didn’t keep him from continuing to unashamedly enjoy – & take congratulations for – the fame his bigotry brought him. And he appears to have simply let his wiser-for-it-now apology get buried under still growing piles of braggadocio.

Not only is hate not heroic, it’s also not “fixed” with a simple apology, particularly if it’s then allowed to continue. I haven’t looked at his FB page again, because it was so stomach turning to look thru the 1st time. But I sure hope Coffey’s made some effort to clean up the endless stream of hatred & ignorance that was pouring thru it the last time I looked. But somehow, I doubt he’s done so.

“Man learns amazing lesson in irony after mocking Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘bravery’ in viral Facebook post”

“After A Man’s Post About Caitlyn Jenner Went Viral He Learned A Valuable Lesson In Irony”

“Terry Coffey and the Ironic Caitlyn Jenner Facebook Status Update”
Read more at http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/04/terry-coffey-jenner-bravery/#r9tx5DV4LT4elzKy.99


And decent caring ones too.


Funny thing about war, and its pervasive wanton disregard for ‘humanity’. Thus the reason those returning from such major/minor skirmishes dare not speak of it.
Those who dare reveal its truth,Veterans for Peace, Chelsea Manning, Ken O’ Keefe, and Pat Tillman, pay the price. While the rest of us remain silent/silenced!


The soldiers pay the price too. They return broken and are tossed aside to fend for themselves. That’s why so many are homeless.


Shame that it is only because of this bizarrely-ironic event that I learned, 5 years too late, about this fascinating documentary movie. I’ll look for it on the torrent-sphere…


Curious why that doll confronting the Russian women soldiers has a Taiwan Flag on his jacket. Taiwan as a separate republic (“Republic of China”) didn’t even exist during WW2.


The REAL heroic, courageous, American heros, drag their asses out of bed and go to a job where the boss is a fool and the work is mind numbing and tedious…but do it every day because somebody depends on them and they will not let them down. And they do it with a smile. They are black men and women, they are farmers, they are wage slaves on an assembly line, they are ticket takers and fast food servers. They are paid half what they’re worth while those in the front office make twice as much for a quarter of the work. Its easy to go out with a gang who thinks like you and spends the day destroying everything in their path…woo-hoo!