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On Bringing An Incoherent Cheeto To A Knife Fight


On Bringing An Incoherent Cheeto To A Knife Fight

Well, that was painful. If you couldn't abide watching the dance of the oligarchs during last night's "debate," what you missed was a poised and competent (if ever hawkish) Clinton slice and dice Drumpf into so many teeny, vulgar, sexist, racist, loud-mouthed, thin-skinned, babbling, braggadocious little orange slivers it would make your head spin. The consensus by almost everyone - even Nazis! - is that Clinton "won." Alas, as has been noted, the Talking Yam may have "lost," but we do too.


Of course Trump is an idiot and a maniac. Of course Clinton "won". It doesn't need to be stated or talked about. What should be discussed more is HRC, her pending presidency, and what this means for our country. That certainly is discussed in these comment forums, but all but ignored elsewhere, certainly in the MSM, but to some degree even here on the main articles on CD. To gloat over the fact that Trump was sliced and diced by Clinton seems unnecessary and petty. Everybody gets what he is. Even his most ardent supporters, which is exactly why they are voting for him. That is a great indication of how weak a candidate HRC is and how circus-like the entire Repub field was earlier this year. Remove Trump from the picture for a minute, and contemplate what we are left with, what has been forced upon us. How can more people not be voting for the Green alternative? It totally confounds me. OK Lrx, it's all yours now.


If you missed this now is your chance:





Except that Hillary didn't win. She came across as annoying and spiteful. Trump was funny. When neither candidate is viewed as trustworthy, funny wins.

If Hillary and Trump were really the only choices, I would vote for Trump because he is antiwar, compared to Hillary, and he actually spoke against first-strike use of nuclear weapons! This was amazing and wonderful, if he means it. OTOH, Hillary's actual record demonstrates a commitment to more war, and she has been angling to get WWIII underway.

Here's a good take on why Trump, of the two, is the peace candidate: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2016/09/27/debate-trumps-three-points-peace/ From the article:

"In a rational world, this no-first-strike pledge would’ve headlined media accounts of the debate: however, in our world, the "mainstream" media – which functions as an unregistered PAC working on Hillary’s behalf – ignored this historic first in favor of what Trump said about some beauty pageant contestant in 1996."