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On Brink of 'Irreparable Split' Between Rich and Poor Nations, European Leaders Scramble


On Brink of 'Irreparable Split' Between Rich and Poor Nations, European Leaders Scramble

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In the wake of Greece's historic 'No' vote this weekend, European leaders are scrambling to cement a deal after the resounding rejection of the austerity program that has heretofore dominated fiscal policy and conversation.


Of course the “leaders” are scrambling. There’s a crack in the fantasy that is the “economy”, that wonderful fantasy where there is “value” because people believe there is. Take away that “faith” and the whole system crashes. Greece has shown that you can tell these “masters of the universe” that you refuse to take their dictates and in the end, what exactly can they do about it?


Hey Merkel, it ain’t just banks that are too big to fail!

Bailout Greece or you’re going down with it.

Loans to the 1% repaid by the 99% isn’t a viable economic model anymore - it never was.


The real issue is who is in charge and what their background is. Example, Merkel is an East German. Her family had a 1 in 3 chance of being a spy for the state. Suggeting that her attainment of power had nothing to do with her past is a lie told only by the audience to themselves. Secondly, the whole system is based off of 'Merica’s view of capitalism, because, where did we get it from? Their banks, their financial intitutions like the World Bank, that noone is allowed to use, and the International Monetary Fund, a scam in of itself. Now, everyone can look the other way and make up stories about how hard decisions are going to be, but the truth is that Merkel, the IMF, the World Bank, Neo-Nazis, any bank attached to any of these other banks, DONT CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE. Love my liberal friends, but just like their counterparts, any given political party, they eat lies up because it fits their political world view that everyone is going to make (as long as they are them), and that somehow money isnt a part of decision making and that the old conspiracy ‘theory’ that banks run the world isnt true. But thats the lie, it is true.


A Dachshund is a pretty dumb dog.


The Greek situation is opening up the cracks in the Eurozone, revealing the power structure and Merkel and the corporate banksters having been working feverishly to plaster them over to keep everything hidden from view. The more Greece resists, the more is revealed for all the see (especially in Spain, Ireland, and Portugal…


The guy who came up with the idea of the Euro as common currency among European nations is a neocon - heard it on Thom Hartmann’s show today.


Oooo, a bona fide internet “intellectual”. Y-A-W-N.


Perhaps if Tsipras gave Merkel another Dubya back rub…


You must be German. You even take your humor seriously.I bet you don’t even own a dachshund.


That’s a reliable source.Actually, I doubt one guy came up with the idea-the single currency was a logical enough step, and there were plenty of people who thought so at the time.The problem was that they hadn’t thought it through.They needed to establish a federal system-like we have-so that if a country got into trouble, the taxpayers of the other countries could float their boat in much the same way Mississippi receives all kinds of aid from the Feds f when the shit hits the fan, which is most of the time. Or Nevada, or Alabama and many others.The Feds are not into driving these states to the wall, while forcing their banks to go bust. They support them. What a concept-but the Europeans do not yet have a mechanism to do that, and Greece is the result. It’s funny, though, that the states which are in the deepest economic trouble, and require the most Federal support, are also the states whose people are most likely to deride Big Gummint.


With apologies to William Shakespeare and His play, Henry the VI:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the bankers”.


I’m not following all of the criticism (here but mainly in the MSM) of Germany and France. A week ago it was the Troika. Who taught the Eurozone this? The banks have done this to the Europeans since the beginning of the last century and financed the two WWs. Greece’s creditors are always referred to in ambiguous terms - investors, for example. The MSM leaves it at that.


Of course, and it’s a great line, but the people who said it in the play, were not exactly savory characters…