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On Brink of 'Sixth Great Extinction,' Humanity Must Conserve or Die


If you eat meat, you lack the moral authority to complain about wasting water on golf courses. Meat production wastes mind-boggling amounts of water. I have never golfed and am not defending their waste of water.


Thank you for your endless practice of humorous posts. You brighten my day.


If you do anything, you lack the moral authority to say anything about anything.

That's an empty philosophical triumph.


We don't need to be "off working on solutions" we need to STOP doing things that are killing the Earth. Those of us who are in the privileged class of industrial consumers. A few billion of us.

Oh but that's HARD, that's SCARY! That means i can't go shopping, and buy what i've earned with my money, and then go home and watch Netflix!

Yes, it means slow down, stop, think, think hard, keep thinking. It will come to you. STOP.

Stop the military. But that means we'll have to get together and stop the military! OK forget about it.

Stop the fossil fuel economy. Well there's a fun one! Let's not worry about that!

Wait. Isn't someone somewhere "off busily working on solutions"?

Stop pumping the biosphere full of endocrine disrupting biocides. Stop genetically modifying organisms to survive biocide baths, and then bathing them in biocides. Shorthand: Stop agrochemical corporations, and stop corporate industrial agriculture. Wheee!

NO ONE WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. So no one gets together with their friends and family and neighbors and coworkers and seriously works through what it really means for us to stop the mass murder of the Earth.

Even among folks like the good people in the comment threads at Common Dreams. Let alone the jokers who like to spend time here! But even among the sincerely decent folks. Who is working seriously to get their family OFF carbon energy? And not with magical "off working busily on solutions" but with "We don't need, actually NEED, 90% of the crap we have, we buy, we "want." What can we live without? OK we can't live without the Earth, without life, without the biosphere, so seriously my beloved community, what can we live without? Can we live without jet fuel and airplanes? Not in some dream future or dystopian novel, but in our lives, now, today, this year, next week?" And then: "What are we up against? And in all seriousness: What are we going to do together?"

Who is having this conversation, with themselves, with their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors?

We don't need to be "off busily working on solutions," we need to start stopping.


Outlaw meat production? It may come to that. However, I merely advocate boycotting the meat industry; that's the most effective thing we individuals can do and it requires no legislation or corporate action.


Empty? If you waste water, you lack the moral authority to complain about others doing the same thing. If you are a murderer...and so on about everything. We always lack the moral authority to complain about things we do ourselves so what point are you trying to make by calling my comment an empty philosophical triumph?


Plan B is to outlaw meat production and that will happen when the extraction of fossil fuels from the earth is banned. In the meantime, progressives need to lead the way by eating vegetarian or vegan and stop waiting on someone else to save the day.


You are trapped in your tiny ideological spiral. It is funny to watch you spin.

Because Paul Erlich was off on some of his math, therefore the ecology of the Earth is not dis-integrating, we are not in The Sixth Extinction, all other predictions are and all other math is derisively dismissable, and my pet ideological cul-de-sacs will refute all such arguments. There is no problem with extreme wealth disparity! There is no problem with chemical industrial agriculture! There is no problem with the anthropogenic SPIKE in species extinction and ecosystem degradation! Industrial meat? Not a problem! Pollinators dying? Not a problem! Anything anyone ever says that asserts a serious, existential, civilizational, accelerating crisis? Cite my pet citations!

The Voice Of Reason! You are laugh-out-loud hilarious.


Your whole apocalyptic model of an exponentially exploding population followed by mass starvation is largely discredited. Will you please throw your old yellow copies of Erlich away and update your knowledge?

There are already countries and regions with problematic negative population growth already - in Japan, Russia, parts of Europe. Much of the rest of the world is experiencing stable or stabilizing populations (most of rest of the west, China, including in recent years most of Latin America).

And if you think population growth is a problem in the USA - come here to the great swath of the Rust Belt Midwest and Appalachia and see a different picture.

And population is stabilizing not because of mass starvation but because of a widespread high degree of living standard - which permanently changes attitudes about having children. The down side of this is that when such developed countries fall into economic troubles or economic insecurity as Russia and Japan has, the result can be almost everybody chooses to forego children and a fertility and population crash ensues which can become irreversible once the population advances in age. In Japan's case, the only thing that is going to save them is getting rid of the isolationist aspects of their culture and welcoming immigration.

There is even an increasing school of thought that, assuming we can survive things like ecological disruption and nuclear war, fertility and cultural-economic-driven population crash may represent the biggest threat to the human species.


The problem is also that that "widespread high degree of living standard" is precisely what is dis-integrating the ecology.


Gotta run but see my other three posts. i just think constant assertion of "one problem" as being some kind of moral trump card is not helpful.


The real sustained progress and will to address climate in a realistic way requires an organized ongoing mass movement. Ensuring the vigor, popular support and duration of that movement requires a cultural paradigm shift. We must see a rejection of the alienated, divisive, violent egoism promoted by corporate media, reclaiming and strengthening a culture of class-conscious and earth-conscious solidarity,


LOL, defending the elite? What the ones that have already built bunkers with 6 lane highways?

You are the one defending the elite e.g., the big energy companies' CEOs, by putting up such ridiculous arguments like Planet X causing the changes in climate rather than AGW, ACD, or human caused global warming by emission of greenhouse gasses.

I attack the messenger in this instance because of the audacity of the messaging.


You're showing your corporate servicing colors!

So far your influence in this forum is rated very close to zero. Good job!


Why do you immmediately jump to proposing banning meat production? Do you have some crazy idea that progressives are all about banning things? Actually, its conservatives who go around banning things. Just banning something doesnt lead us to sustainable production. So, my question to you, oh voice of limited ability to reason, is how can we sustainably produce meat? Keyword there is "sustainably".


Oh my, just think of the horrible future if we don't have tens of thousand of GOLF COURSES!

Now, um, think of the actual future if we don't come together to work out ways to STOP the human-generated dis-integration of the ecology...

Which problem looms larger in your consideration, o Voice Of Reason?


I have already proved to you that everything in your post is mindless deflection trying to blame some unnamed "Planet X" for the emissions of your car. You just failed Earth Science and Astrophysics if you think a Kieper Belt object past pluto can impart any gravitational effect at that distance on Earth! It cannot. The "weak force" gravity is called that for a reason. The science of Platectonics says you are wrong also. Earthquakes have nothing to do with your comic book understanding of the solar system.

And you are lying. Earth's Orbit is essentially unchanged for millions of years. The constellations are in the same spot in the sky in Egyptiain and Myan pyramids and ancient Chinese astronomy as well. Earth's orbit has not changed at all.


"Your junk science..."

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Boy i am just finding so much enjoyment in the comedy routines folks are bringing to these threads!


You want a good laugh, look up Hercolubus, or Red Planet. Someone dropped off a copy on our front porch once, it is absolutely full of this kind of, um, well, junk science. i wounder if Vito is in that cult.


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