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On Building Armies (and Watching Them Fail)



Democracy will never come from the barrel of guns held by an invading force.


"In American politics, we await the officeholder or candidate willing to state the obvious and confront its implications."

I just read, this morning, that Donald Trump says that we should abandon our policy of nation building and invest that money in building infrastructure and developing better mass transit. Pretty sad when a Republican has to step forward and do the Democrats job for them.

As to the illusion that the Pentagon knows how to build armies, it is a central element in selling the fraud of endless war. Moreover, it sets up the excuse for increasing our military presence when it fails. It's all to the good for the Pentagon and the warrior elite who rule in Washington.


Today the Russian Embassy was attacked by what the Russians claim to be part of the forces the US supplies and calls "moderates".

In Iraq the Iraqi army overran ISIS positions and seized a stockpile of advanced US weaponry.

The CIA has rebranded their proxy forces in Syria once again. Rather then labeling them as "moderate rebels" , ISIS and Al Qaeda linked forces will now be called "pro democratic forces".

As Russia attacked ISIS positions inside of Syria, NATO has indicated that all such attacks must stop this even as US Planes bombed and destroyed a power plant near Aleppo.


You'd think that a climate catastrophe Earth would be enough for these fatalistic armageddon loving nut cases but no only WW3 will satisfy them.

Double plus yikes !!! Are we really this stupid?

Um? Never mind... silly question.


"WAR IS A RACKET!" General Smedley Butler (CMO)
* 'nuff said?


Otherwise, what would the M/I/I Complex do with all that surplus military gear and weaponry that taxpayers paid for? Give it to our police departments?


Is this real? Really real?

So we don't need to worry about terrorists who will cut off our heads, rape our wives, enslave our children, crash aeroplanes into skyscapers and self-detonate in public? So we can repeal all the Patriot-type acts that have removed our civil liberties across the western world? What have we been worried about, all these years?


“the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy."

Sounds like normal post-1945 UASian foreign policy to me.


The Bush “freedom agenda” formed the foundation for a rationale to dumb down a nation, so that the Republican/Corporatist Agenda could actually be implemented with a long-term plan to take over all sorts of organized money in this nation, using it for their own greedy agendas. From Wall Street to big Pharma to the big War Industry Machine, they've all participated in a capitalistic greed, the likes of which we've never seen in American history. The GOP Bush Machine has formed many legs, like a spider web being woven throughout the fabric of our society, it crosses all boundaries, and lays its path inside all business fronts and systems. At least all of those run by not so ethical Boards of Directors and CEOs. The KOCHS help to inspire this spider web of power, and it will be hard to melt it, without the desire of a changed Congress and American People behind that change. Ethics and Morals take on a whole new meaning in light of The ALEC machine, and what it has done to people. From our Post Office to Social Security to our Prisons, they are trying to take over every single area where there is any of the nation's money. Privatization is the code word for this takeover. Seniors and young people are now seeing the outcomes of all this power grip, and feeling how much worse it can get, if left unchecked/if not stopped. Bernie Sanders has it right in this regard. An American Citizen Revolution of sorts - full blown political involvement by the People is necessary, if we are to disconnect our society from their thirsty grip on our lives. This is our only hope.