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On Capitol Steps, Warren Rips GOP for Attack on 'Our Basic Humanity'

On Capitol Steps, Warren Rips GOP for Attack on 'Our Basic Humanity'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of the Senate's narrow vote on Tuesday to proceed with debate on legislation that could leave tens of millions more Americans without insurance, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) greeted protestors on the steps of the capitol and denounced Republicans' efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act as an attack on "our basic humanity."

She’s really good at getting attention, isn’t she?


Their best bet would be to do a repeal and delay. That way the rump voters won’t feel the hurt from having their health care stripped away until after the 2018 mid terms. Keeps the R’s in power for another two years. Suckers, every one of them.

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Nobody wishes cancer on anyone. But was what John McCain did BS or what? His speech was impressive, but his actions are proving him a hypocrite. He could have returned the senate to regular order by voting NO on the motion of proceed. He voted yes to proceed. He even voted to support passage of one of the bad McConnell bills later on. McCain can seem like an honorable person, but when you consider his inconsistency he really is just a BSer.


I too remain skeptical about the establishment Democrats, and Warren has done little to change the perception of her as part of that camp. Meanwhile, note that the phony Kamala Harris spent the weekend sucking up to big cash cow Democratic donors in the Hamptons. Another rightist democrat you can cross off the progressive list. Piss on all of them and the jackasses they rode in on. And of course the silence by the party leadership concerning yesterday’s senate healthcare vote charade (save for Warren) says it all. If the Dems were sincere they’d be flooding the airwaves with their take on the vote. But the party establishment is against healthcare for all, and so they keep their mouths shut. So screw all of them and beware there’s much difficult work to be done.


McCain put party above country.

Shame is theirs, every Republican Senator.

And Pence.


sure IS!

Look how Warren’s tactical effort to save what we have of healthcare is to verbally pound Republicans from the Capitol steps to embarrass them about their “plans” for dismantling ACA.

Those damned Republicans, Republicans, Republicans, … preventing decent healthcare, … much less universal healthcare!

Elizabeth — why not on some occasion, then, use some public steps to demand that your Democratic colleagues come out for Single Payer … UNANIMOUSLY!?

Let’s fight FOR something, not only against!


Ultimately it came down to the in-duh-vidual mandate, just as you and i suspected. Here’s the problem: for everyones health care to be as cheap as possible, everyone healthy and sick from 0 to 100% everyone has to participate. You can’t let anyone out for whatever reason or everybody starts coming up with reasons why they don’t participate. The rich are either against us or they’re with us.

We have two directions we can go: one is universal coverage, single payer whatever you want to call it. Everyone participates and the government keeps all the records and pays the bills, negotiates loer costs due to size and scale, and organizes the system. The alternative is the individual mandate. It’s one or the other or you get what we have now: “hurry up and die, then!”. The penalty for not participating should be not just equivalent to, but equivalent to plus a penalty, the cost that one single payer would have paid for that year. And it’s going to change year-to-year but that’s beside the point.

Our country was built on capitalism and free enterprise as being the workhorse that generates innovation. I don’t know if that’s completely true or not, since it seems that the Russians were working on the same ideas the whole time and they are not private enterprise. Anyway you can go the route where everyone participates in the government run system. The alternative is the individual mandate and a private company provides financing for healthy care and urgent care. The second one requires that someone makes a profit on it, which is supposed to drive the innovation. All it seems to do is drive the race to lower wages for workers and more inequality as the owners of machines take more. (Marx was an economist. Read him, i implore you!) The first path does not have the administrator making a profit but controlling and managing costs to minimize them. For the same exact meds and services the second one necessarily sees the same costs plus profits.

For us to remain a capitalist free enterprise country, our government has to be allowed to demand that we citizens buy a product or service. Especially in cases where everyone must participate. When it’s do or die, like in times of war. Otherwise they need to provide that product or necessity. Or we need to throw them
out. I like the idea of the guillotine, as it’s getting to that point where fighting is going to be the only way to get action when the aristocracy is entrenched and wants more, not to give up more

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Minor correction: Marx was a philosopher. Economics as a discipline hadn’t yet been invented.

That said, you’re absolutely right: everyone who can read him should. Edit: And while I’m at it, everyone should read Adam Smith, too. ‘Wealth…’ is an eye opener when you read it for yourself.


Universal Health Care and Single Payer Health Care are not the same thing. The top five countries in the world with the highest rated health care are Universal Health Care. Just below that is Single Payer (for all), and just below that (and last) is the U.S. health care system as it exists today. Trump care would actually make it worse.

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Some of the best actions I’ve seen in a while. Stopping wars and the military, that are the US’s biggest polluters and use of resources, can go a long way to ensure universal healthcare, education, universal pay that actually allows for a decent living, are some of the big issues that must be addressed to ensure survivability of Earth and all her creatures including humans.

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If this shit had happened when I was a kid, My parents, all of my aunts and uncles from both sides of the family along with a bunch of there friends would have gotten together and would have taken off to DC to strangle the shit out of both the republicans and democrats. Then they would have voted the bastards out of their jobs! I guess we’re a lot more timid than our parents were!

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So the fight for national healthcare has been going on since FDR and Truman----kind of sad- Warren who has focused her learning on the financial industry came to the Senate because Senate republicans refused to appoint her to the consumer protection agency. Bernie Sanders is a moderate democrat–he will not really go up against the military-----if he did he would have been destroyed in last year primaries. We are sitting in the heart of the empire----people should understand this when we demand people be so pure.
I have no idea were Warren’s stands on the military----I will bet she doesn’t know either–it is a very complex world and a lot of crazy actors-----but this I know----there is no reason the money going to the military can’t be reduced by big margins. Wouldn’t it be great to have a debate over" guns and butter".

Maddow has reported a large number of new democrats are running for office----hopefully pulling away from the corporate Clinton democrats and more in the direction of Sanders—and hopefully some who will question how much money goes to the military----and what is our focus around the world----because it doesn’t seem to be stability----the CIA seems to be a major player in chaos around the globe not stability.

I hope Warren continues to develop what she will do if she runs in 2020. I do hope she will run----she is real—just as Sanders is real. And I really want to thank Sanders for focusing on building the party from the bottom up.

Sadly, her co-sponsorship of S704, makes Ms. Warren unsupportable. Treasonous limitation of Americans free speech in favor of a foreign country that interferes in American politics and which is engaged in on-going genocide to further land theft is too wrong to fix. She must be voted out.

He really could have made America great. You have failed the people, McCain.