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On Climate Questions, Only One Candidate Has All the Right Answers



Yes. The others are Not. Even. Close.
And, if Bernie becomes president, he will have a "yuge" fight against the richest industry in the history of money.


I'm still nudging Bernie for merit-based renewables innovation, which is seriously separate from rich people-based renewables innovation.

If you apply for a Small (honk!) Business Innovation Research grant, they care about 10% whether your innovation is good and 90% whether your company owns a good, established research department. I'm not making this up! It's not what you know, it's what you own.

Merit-based renewables innovation would soon cause the worldwide flattening of the fossil fuel industry. Yep, mass bankruptcy. Maybe that's why Congress will ignore or deny the idea of merit-based renewables innovation -- for the industry, it's far more deadly than even climate change science. Maybe that's why you should push it.


That's the thing though isn't it? If Bernie gets elected then he will make big changes with the help of the people. That level of change is desperately needed but can we get it? Can Bernie get elected? The two questions get answered together.

To get the deep level of change that we need then we need to elect Bernie Sanders. Nobody else will give us the chance for change that he represents. Bernie will open the door on meaningful change but if he fails to get elected... I honestly advise people to prepare for the worst because that is the way things will end up.

The vested interests won't allow change until it can't be avoided (economic inertia) but there is no way to undo having waited until the worst happens when you are talking about climate change.

Bernie is our best chance at avoiding the worst.


"Only One Candidate..." out of three? Dems? To me, framing questions and issues, in this case to the presumably front-running Dems, is limiting the discussion. When "350 Action" has a comprehensive chart of all possible candidates' views on "Climate Questions", then write an article.


While poverty, ignorance, and aggression have long plagued the collective human existence; I think most people would agree that the 3 greatest threats to collective life today are:

Militarism (including dangerous trafficking in major weapons)
Financial systems that prey upon the world's workers/middle class & poor
Chaotic climate instability (that's largely the product of profligate fossil fuel burning)

The fact that Bernie Sanders is vocal--and fair, brilliant, and accurate--on 2 out of 3 (while hinting at #3) shows a FAR better record than anyone else with any shot at the American throne.

It's easy for right wing Libertarians to feign Left and attack Mr. Sanders on the basis of his unwillingness to call out the MIC for what it is. Although no other political player has done this, they know it's Mr. Sanders' weakness and they play it tactically the way a rocker plays a guitar.

They know that Jill Stein (who I voted for in the past) hasn't got a chance in hell of being elected... so it's convenient to hold her up as the Litmus Test and then rail that only those who support her are True to Leftist goals and ideals.

This strategy very likely emerged straight from Frank Luntz's political tactical play-book.


A total ban on fracking would result in increased coal burning so I think O'Malley has a better position on that. This again shows that O'Malley is more of a pragmatist and Sanders more of an idealist. O'Malley is also setting a 100% clean energy grid by 2050 as goal which I believe is the strongest goal of any candidate. So if you are a progressive idealist you probably think Sanders has the right answers and if you are a progressive pragmatist you probably think O'Malley has better answers. And whatever you are you should realize that none of the candidates have all the answers for successfully addressing the climate crisis.


I prefer O'Malley over the other Democrats and Republicans. The MSM keep focusing on Clinton & Sanders. The media don't want you to know shy he's better than they are.


Hadn't heard of this, for which, thanks. "Mass bankruptcy" for industry is quite a claim. Will check it out.


O'Malley follows Bernie but he isn't really in the running and that is obvious to everyone. But just for arguments sake... Just what is O'Malley's plan to go 100% clean energy by 2050? It is very nice to say that we should but I didn't hear the specifics of how to! Bernie proposed a carbon tax to pay for those changes and cutting subsidies. moreover O'Malley makes accommodations to the fossil fuel industry that Bernie doesn't. His 'clean' includes fracking etc. so calling that clean is dirty don't you think?


Although 350.org's scorecard refers only to Democratic Party candidates, it is unfortunate that Common Dreams chose "only one candidate" as its headline without delving into the full slate of candidates. Jill Stein (Green Party U.S.) also "has all the right answers" along with a rigorous and regenerative plan for the future! (http://www.jill2016.com) -- Tim S., PA US


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only one DUOPOLY candidate. fixed it for ya. everything Bernie offers, Jill Stein offers, too. but, without all that pesky warmongering that his supporters have their heads in the sand about.


he was against the war, but voted to fund it, anyway.


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my greatest threats today are:
the dumbing down of most of the people (lying corporate controlled media, corporate run/high stakes tested schools)
corporate controlled government (campaign contributions are legalized bribes), courts, and the military
income inequality
too many people on earth
runaway climate change ( we're facing a 6th extinction)
corrupt elections (hacking electronic voting machines, owned and operated by the corporationss that made them).

If most people knew what the Green Party stands for (and Jill Stein of course) they would vote for her. But most people don't - see above...

Can't help but remember that Lincoln won with 40% of the vote - in a four way race. The notion of the two party duopoly is a corporate fiction, propaganda, smoke and mirrors and the people have been sold on it lock stock and barrel by both major parties and the corrupted media. So it must be true.


Nice to see Oregon's only Democratic Senator in this picture with Sen. Sanders. And, guess what, no public official in this country is suffering politically from being a climate change denier, currently. Just the opposite, actually. So, Jill & Bernie don't have all that much to brag about, here. Profiles in courage, not so much. And, the U.S. energy companies knew the game was up around 1980, or thereabouts. Some real red, white and blue patriots, there. It's pretty hard to be set free when the truth is so deeply buried it took " fracking everywhere " to bring it to the surface. America's goose will soon be pretty well cooked, methinks.


Sorry but the Green Party's Jill Stein is also a candidate. As Naomi Klein - "This Changes Everything" has so persuasively argued, there can be no climate justice without taking on capitalism and the commodity culture. The only candidate who has ALL the rights answers is not New Deal liberal Democrat Bernie. Honestly, this kind of state capitalism, aka two party duopoly, boosterism is not what I expect (or want) from CD - how sad!


Bernie is another Hillary, Trump & Barack Obama. He doesn't say what he means. He wants us to give Israel a never ending Marshall Plan.


Let's fund his home at the ICC. He can take the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Camerons, Blairs, Sarkozys, Hollandes, Abes, Harpers, Gordon Browns & Koizumis and many other world losers.