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On Climate Strike Eve, 450+ Activists and Groups Urge United Nations to Back Global Fracking Ban

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/19/climate-strike-eve-450-activists-and-groups-urge-united-nations-back-global-fracking

From the article:

“Fracking is destroying drinking water…”

…which is why Dick Cheney found it necessary to cobble together an exemption for fracking from the Clean Water Act (just as vaccine manufacturers found it necessary to get themselves exempted from class action tort claims).


And now we have a Terrorist opening up public lands for gas and oil extraction knowing full well what it is doing, it is killing life. We humans have speech that we can understand, we do not understand the language of the rest of life. If we did we would hear them screaming about being blindingly murdered. Grass and trees, birds and bees, mountains and springs…can you not hear them?


A global fracking ban is desperately warranted.


Here’s a link to an excellent article from that American Scientist special issue on Water Gil, and the geochemist interviewed points out that it is not just the amount of water available, but especially its QUALITY, which is exactly what this thread is talking about. Highly recommended:

Quality of Water as important as quantity

Kinda burned out now…micro-plastic’s have rotted my brain. Water? Fresh clear clean water? I drank it once in the High Sierra in 73 and the snows of Alaska in 75. Reminds me of the old C/W Cool Water, Leo Kottke does a great version by the way.