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On Compromising Our F*cking Freedoms

On Compromising Our F*cking Freedoms

Never mind the carnage. Though a vast majority of the country believes we have too many guns and not enough gun laws, the White House is arguing that, "We shouldn’t rush toward compromising our freedoms before we have all the facts." Some facts: Half the Congress is bought and paid for by the NRA. And there are gobs of humdrum activities - from "having a fucking bake sale" to "walking a fucking dog" to "watching a fucking DVD" more regulated than buying a gun.

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It is the one thing we are the worlds leader in, killing things/people/climate/birds/fish/mammals/the f*cking planet for gawds sake. Some think I’m crazy, some think I’m nuts to not own a gun. I live my life so that any day is a good day to die. If someone blasts me with a gun it’s my blood on their hands, not the other way around. It would be amazing if we did have an Department of Peace, as was suggested on this site recently. It would be amazing to have a Department of Healing here as well. All these vibes of negativity are ruining my life. How about yours?


What about the freedom of the 58 gunned down?
What about the freedom of those kids in Sandy Hook?
What about the freedom of those who live with gun violence in their neighborhoods?

And this isn’t just about guns–DO WE HAVE FUNCTIONING COMMUNITIES???The rich elite prefer walls and division------the movie" Its a Wonderful Life "deals with this --the US has become “Pottersville”.


They were pretty quick to compromise our freedoms with the Unpatriot act, thousands of pages of law passed just three days after 9/11. Freedom from warrantless surveillance, freedom from warrantless search and seizure, etc.

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Oh bless you for this posting. I have had the vision floating in my mind for 7/8/9 months now and I see I’m not alone in my assessments, Pottersville Indeed. I have had an eye out for Clarence to appear any moment, have you seen him yet?

Thank you Ms Zimet, well phucking said.

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Here’s a phucking link to the phucking list in case anyone wants to support McSweeney’s

Sept 19, 2017

Shares of Sturm Ruger surged Tuesday after a Reuters report, citing senior U.S. officials, said the Trump administration is preparing to make it easier for U.S. gun makers to sell small arms to foreigners.

The stock closed up 13.7 percent at its highest since early August and posting its best day in more than two years.

Shares of American Outdoor Brands, once known as Smith & Wesson, closed up 10.1 percent, their best day since November.

(American Outdoor Brands, such a nice name, sounds like Pre Cooked Camping food doesn’t it)

Glock, Colt, Bushmaster, etc…Who even knows now how many…

Can we start an advertising campaign calling out the Blood Money Death Dealers

List starts with the folks at the Pentagram.


Thank you, even if it is for stating the obvious (at least to those with the capacity for rational thought).

I think he goes by the name Bernie.

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…thanks, I needed that…

I agree 100%

Eric Benet made a very cogent point. It is related to why it’s ok for a cop to kill a black man with a concealed weapons permit but not a white man. Ask the NRA about that one.

“We shouldn’t rush toward compromising our freedoms before we have all the facts.” No, we shouldn’t----but we did, after the un-investigated 9/11, and it’s been “that’s that” ever since.

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My eight year old granddaughter has recently joined a children’s choir at Mount Royal University. The 25 to 30 girls and ten or so boys are from grade 3 through grade 6. One of the songs they are learning for their upcoming christmas performance is Dona Nobis Pacem, often translated as Grant Us Peace. This simple but beautiful canon is by that most prolific of all composers, Anonymous.

It appears to have been part of the old catholic Latin mass for centuries. However, to this old, grizzled, and over-the hill atheist it is a most beautiful little musical gem with a sincere request. It seems quite appropriate for this moment and the awful man-made pickle the U.S. and indeed most of the world is in, especially since last Sunday.

If you can spare a minute and a half, here is a link to a small choir of young children, with a few of them barely past the toddler stage, singing Dona Nobis Pacem. They falter in a few places, but to my ear that makes their performance even more touching and sincere.

I have had a need to listened to these youngsters several times a day since Sunday. There are much more polished performances on YouTube, but this one got to me.

I know Steven Pinker has told us that the world is becoming less violent, but right now that is a very difficult thought for me to accept.

What monstrous world have we created for our children, our grandchildren, and, realistically, for all life on earth.


Hew, the old woodboot.

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Definitely. Freedom indeed. Asset forfeiture, seizure, he’ll let’s call it by what it really is, license for cops to steal is SO damned unconstitutional, it is plain for everyone to see. So if the SC upholds it, they pretty much tell us laws and rights are bullshit and at their whim.

It doesn’t work this way, but it sure would be nice also to finally, once and for all, put to death the stupid arguments gun nuts try. “Trucks kill people”

What is the worth of the guns owners freedoms if that freedom abused ends in the death to innocents,again and again?

Thank you, Abby, for having the integrity and willingness to include your “passion” in this article! I am so f*cking tired of all the “political correctness” surrounding this issue that it makes me want to puke.