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On Constitutional Rights, Clinton Better Than Trump—But Still Has Work To Do

On Constitutional Rights, Clinton Better Than Trump—But Still Has Work To Do

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The ACLU's constitutional analysis of Hillary Clinton's political record and policy proposals came out Wednesday, and it looks a lot different from the one the civil liberties group issued in July for Clinton's rival, GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Indeed, the summer's report found that Trump, if elected, would be a "one-man constitutional crisis," as Common Dreams reported.

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So now the ACLU is shilling for Hillary?
I guess they have bought into the lesser evilism theory.
I have been a card carrying member of the ACLU for many, many years. I will not renew this year and I will let them know why.

Jill Stein is the only candidate that makes sense in 2016.


Ummm … the report was the opposite of that. It was very critical of Clinton’s record. The report for Trump was issued earlier it used the same criteria and was even more critical. Based on these two reports Stein can argue that her platform would do better than both major party candidates.


Sorry, I had to laugh thinking about the possibility Clinton would actually do the things suggested here. Good Luck with that!


There was a time I looked to Common Dreams for insightful and critical reporting. Now, I steel myself every time I land on the site. Is it going to be another adventure in propping Hillary Clinton up to defeat Donald Trump? Pretty much, that’s the lay of the land now. Newsflash: Our leaders will not lean progressive unless we force them to. Clinton is a DLC “Democrat”. Hardly progressive for policy wonks like myself. The founders of this site know all about the DLC. Those who don’t can Google it. For those too lazy to do that, the DLC is a failed southern Blue Dog-like version of the GOP: better on social issues, comparable on economic and foreign relations. The report was highly critical of both candidates, one of whom has a record in public office, and the other who is a megalomaniac without those creds. How about lambasting BOTH, and demanding better for the American people? For crying out loud, a Sanders - Kasich ticket would have been a fight everyone could have gotten behind, had our media not been in Clinton’s pantsuit pocket .


“With her strong track record on so many issues…”

Glad to see the ACLU recognizes Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments that are in line with the views of the ACLU. The drone strikes are troubling. Bernie Sanders has supported them so it is not simply a centrist position. The criticisms of the drone program are certainly justified but the critics also should be held to putting forth an effective alternative method for dealing with these networks of jihadists. The public demands action against ISIS, al-qaeda, etc. The government has failed to come up with a good alternative to trying to take out the leadership with drone strikes. This is not a fight against a country but a vast network. I expect Clinton to continue the drone strikes because like everyone else she lacks a good alternative.

For some people anything critical of Trump is promotion of Clinton.


" Bernie Sanders has supported them so it is not simply a centrist position."

False. It means that Sanders was wrong on an issue. It does not mean it’s time use him as a shield for Clinton, which is the only time he gets decent treatment from conservative Dems.

" I expect Clinton to continue the drone strikes because like everyone else she lacks a good alternative."

False. The good alternative is to follow the law. It’s also to simply avoid doing the violently stupid thing.


The ACLU, a Libertarian organization, has been exemplary on civil liberty issues. The other side of the ACLU is that they have been “almost” totally against any restrictions on people/corporations/organizations giving money to influence elections.

In my opinion, all their great work on civil liberties - and I truly value it - is of negligible value when they promote “money is speech” which has been very instrumental in leading us to a plutocracy.

As Justice Louis D. Brandeis said: … We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both."


not much chance of that - since the areas where they are critical of her such as spying on citizens is the stuff where she has announced plans in the opposite direction (see “intelligence surge”). The bottom line is that the ACLU defends the Bill of Rights - there’s just ten of them so it’s an easy check list. Platforms that don’t go 10 for 10 on that are not really supportive of our Constitution. But that doesn’t mean the ACLU shouldn’t point out when someone is 1 for 10 versus when they are 6 for 10.

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John Podesta’s email was hacked and released for all the world to see. Podesta, who works for Hillary, was so pissed off that he demanded that the FBI investigate the hack which they said they would do.
What’s wrong with this picture?
Two things:

  1. If you or I were hacked and called on the FBI to investigate the FBI would laugh at us.
  2. As reported here on CD the US government forced Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to hack into the accounts of people they “suspected” of being protesters. The US government used a company called Geofeedia to get the task accomplished.
    Why is hacking into John Podesta’s emails or the emails of the DNC a criminal act requiring an FBI investigation, but the government hacking into private citizens accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter perfectly legal?

But as long as we’re comparing, compared to Hillary, how many associations of Trump have met with sudden death? Is it appropriate to consider this a concern of the ACLU?


And for other people anything critical of Hillary is promotion of Trump.


With Obama and Trudeau about to launch TPP and TTIP and other regulatory capture disguised as “trade deals”, most coastal areas of both nations will be underwater soon enough to negate the need for the 100 foot wall. The only major metropolitan area in Canada that will be affected by sea rise is Vancouver, so this better than “best solution” will satisfy Canadians.

Like Obama, most of Clinton’s domestic travel (prior to the 2016 election) has not been to make public appearances, but to meet bag men in Silicon Valley, Seattle and other tech and power centers. The amount of money Obama and Clinton have received from these donors confirms that her civil liberties record as POTUS will be far worse than it is now, contrary to the great hopes ACLU expresses in this article.


I can’t even tell if this comment is a joke or not. That’s how stupid this whole “shilling for Hillary” nonsense has gotten. It’s beyond parody now.

ACLU: Better Than Trump, But Clinton’s Rights Record Still Cause for Concern

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we know we have to be ready on the day after elections are over to start making plans and following thru with them to push back against her and the dems to do our will and continue building our revolution by electing more and more progressives on every level that we find government. that’s what it will take to get us the kind of country we want to live in and a world that reeks of peace and is livable again. get busy people.

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Didn’t learn a thing. After spending $billions in Iraq, training and arming their forces, we were told to leave by the existing government there. We did that. Concerned and somewhat pessimistic, we honored that request. (If one could consider it request).

Along comes some 2000 ISIS fighters and as many as 10,000 Iraqi forces drop there arms, abandon their post and haul ass down the road swapping uniform for civilian garb. I didn’t realize that ‘bust and run’ was a part of their training. It wasn’t ever a part of mine. At that point I said; screw 'em. If they can’t defend their own country after training, supplying and arming them, The country obviously doesn’t mean anything to them and it’s not worth fighting for, don’t come crying for help. Apparently our government sees something there worth fighting for. Any ideas as to what that might be?

Our government supports Two opposing factions in Syria to fight against that government. How’s that working out for the civilians?

Libya? I still scratch my head over that one and I can’t close my eyes while thinking about it 'cause all I envision is cackles Hillary saying we - ---- ---- – - – --and he’s dead, cackle, cackle ha ha. Apparently Gaddafi was becoming to powerful and independent to control more oil than the Saudis have.

I saved a link on Libya. Interesting reading. http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/10/20/libya-from-africas-wealthiest-democracy-under-gaddafi-to-terrorist-haven-after-us-intervention I guess that’ll teach 'em.


Allow a minor correction.

Clinton - Tens of Thousands world wide

I say - - - -Go Hillary! - - - -Go Trump! - - - - - - -Go strait to bloody hell!!!

Stein/Baraka 2016 or it will be too late to change anything to save ourselves.


lol, counterpunch is ridiculous sometimes. Libya was “one of the world’s most democratic states”? That’s fucking ridiculous. You understand that that is ridiculous, right? You should read up on some of the torture methods employed by this democratic paradise of yore that had the same military regime in power for four decades. Never mind the massive unemployment, never mind rampant government corruption that led to massive protests. Never mind that the protesters were brutally tortured and hundreds of them were shot. it was the Greatest Society on Earth until Hillery Clinton came and murdered everyone! Right? Because Counterpunch said so.

You know what isn’t democratic? A military dictatorship that tortures and murders their political opponents.

The NATO intervention was an unmitigated disaster, don’t get me wrong. But come on.

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Why Libya? I read in a coupla places, sorry no link, that Kaddafi was working on a strong pan-Africa association. We can’t have that in colonial territory, can we?