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On Coverage, Cost, and Consumer Protections, AHCA Gets an "F"


On Coverage, Cost, and Consumer Protections, AHCA Gets an "F"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Republican healthcare plan, which continues wending a rocky path through Congress, also keeps racking up negative reviews that contradict the GOP's rosy pitch—and undercut


It's great that the hypocrisy of this Ryan/Don-T-Care plan is being exposed. Interesting though to look at the comparison chart. Note the criticism- "Government forces you to buy insurance" and the response of the HealthInsurance.gov website "Without a mandate healthy people opt out. Sky high premiums."
Neither option is what is in the interest of the citizens. Remove the for-profit insurance companies from the equation entirely. The 3rd, column, not provided, should read "Healthcare is a right of all citizens and will be covered as a Medicare-For-All government program". THIS is where to take the fight now. Otherwise there will be continual attempts to undermine any plan they come up with. The ACA still leaves many people uncovered. Let's fix this now while people are seeing the possibilities.



This republican plan is wealthcare not healthcare


Its going to pass unfortunately. Trumps probably wiretapping everyone to get their vote.

No mention that the employer mandate will be dropped driving people out of employer coverage to individual coverage and that insurance companies will be able to offer plans that pay out less (a change that should not be allowed in a reconciliation bill)

But hey, with a 52% approval rating despite only 25% of Americans voting for him America has proven themselves the dumbest people in the world once again (or at least the most gullible and uninformed) Once you are over the hill you pick up speed, and we have passed that hill on the road to the badlands. Enjoy the ride. All downhill from here on out.


When will we stop allowing people to be referred to with the "consumer" word? Time we push back! Corporations snuck their dirty little word into our public narrative way back when they were pushing hard to change our lives into the current nightmare of ubiquitous utility poles, smog everywhere, damn freeways and shitty gmo food! They gave us citizens this crap instead of commuter and high-speed electric rail, pedestrian walkways, rooftop voltaics, public banking and community health and recreation centers with offerings of organic food co-operatives, music venues and local artisan vendors. Anyway, healthcare is a damn RIGHT! Let's change, "Consumer Protections", to "Healthcare Rights". These banksters must be shown for the ingrates that they have become. We cannot let these braggarts continue to hold our language hostage to the "newspeak"! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak]


How completely unsurprising is it that Trumpcare is an even bigger shit burger than Obamacare? Single Payer!