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On Dark Money, Mr. President, The Time for Action Is Now


On Dark Money, Mr. President, The Time for Action Is Now

Aquene Freechild

President Obama has repeatedly called for a "better politics" in the midst of a Presidential election where public outrage has turned the usual election narrative on its head.


Dark money is forced amnesia before the fact of experience. That is a configuration that is incommensurate with life. Any system that is so utterly dependent on such fraud is a parasitic poisoning intending to kill consciousness.

So much has been marginalized by centuries of mass media that the EXPERIENCE of HUMAN life in the diversity of societal contexts in the rich nutrient of conversation that has been sapped and all too often usurped as media "communication".

Two thinkers who understand first hand the life choices necessary to actively confront the lies of empire are Chris Hedges and Cornell West. With a virtual portfolio of artistic, literary and historical legacy of morality and justice referenced, a conversation at the New School in NY.


Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won Democratic Party nominations because they are corporate money magnets, sustaining more than a billion corporate dollars flowing into the Party's coffers each year. The Party is pushing hard to nominate corporate money magnet Hillary Clinton. Obama is not going to upset the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Bill Clinton has enjoyed an eight figure annual corporate speaking fee income since 2001 ($17 million in 2013 alone) and the Clinton Foundation receives additional millions from corporations each year. The Obama family is itching to get their ticket on the same corporate money gravy train on January 21, 2017.

Obama's priority is to sign TPP, TTIP and TISA to assure that he and the Party maximimize corporate money accrual.


Freechild sez:
"When will (Obama) stand up for democracy? Or will he continue to stand by while big money elite groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, now, ludicrously, declared a charity by the IRS, dismantle the rule of law and our rights piece by piece?"

The latter. That's what he's paid to do, and he's always been a trustworthy, efficient and loyal employee.


Dear Ms. Freechild (cool name!),
You hit the mark here:

"The change many were hoping for in 2008 and 2012 – for a better politics – did not come to fruition. The hope we were inspired to feel has turned to outrage - reflected in their support for presidential frontrunners who oppose the current campaign finance system across the board."

In short, Obama already missed "the moment."


He'll probably look forward to a 7-figure annual salary from one of the Big Insurance Corporations. After all, after the Banksters, and MIC, Big Insurance got an amazing guaranteed windfall thanks to Obama's "largesse."


The entire SYSTEM functions on Dark Money. Educate yourself.

If water is tainted and the entire community swims in it, do you try to identify the swimmers or change the quality of the water?

Read "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer to understand the systemic abuses of the system... which the 5 fools on the Supreme Court had the audacity of enshrining into law! (Citizens United)



This an article on Dark Money in Canada that makes a very interesting and relevant point. It discusses a loophole in Canadian law. While the use od Dark money is restricted during election campaigns , nothing prohibits the use in those times where there no election ongoing. Corporations and think tanks use this to secretly fund advertising campaigns that are in fact backing a given Political party.

By law this is not in fact considered "election spending" but in practice it the use of money in vast amounts to saturate the population with propaganda intended to garner support for a given Political party. Getting control over this might be even more difficult both here in Canada and South of the border.

Of late I have been getting ever more phone calls from "research groups" the names of which I have never heard before who claim they trying to get a perspective on the stands of Canadians on various issues. Intrestingly while my phone number on a do not call list, that law exempts these types of firms. It my opinion many of this firms are backed by that big Corporate money and they are using the responses to shape the political platforms of the party that they control.


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Maybe we should have more transparency regarding "dark speeches" as well and require that the content of all past paid speeches by candidates be made public.