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On Decolonizing Art: Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/21/decolonizing-art-everything-impossible-until-it-happens


On Decolonizing Art: Everything is Impossible Until It Happens

The activism surrounding the Whitney is just part of an expanding wave of resistance aimed at embracing current moral and political issues, following the maxim that, in troubled times, “You had better make some noise.” Some of these actions seek to make mainstream cultural institutions more socially responsible - hence, the push in recent years to sever museums from corporate evil-doers like Mercer (climate change denial), Sackler (opioids,) and the Koch brothers (democracy itself.) Others are determinedly grassroots efforts to use art for change, from online tinkering with the Trump robot at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents to a recent performance piece in Germany wherein climate protesters hung themselves from mock nooses while standing on blocks of ice to highlight that “time is running out” on climate change.

Koch Bros. owns a lot of PBS –

Yet PBS is able to go on posing as a network dedicated to the people and public interest.

Many of the large contributors are named on screen at various times
– but I haven’t yet noticed them acknowledging the Koch Family’s ownership.
Perhaps I missed it?

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Fantastic victory! Artists stand together against sleazy millionaires! Why isn’t this post getting more attention?