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On Delusional Cowards and the Good Guy With A Gun Myth


On Delusional Cowards and the Good Guy With A Gun Myth

In the wake of the latest American massacre, pols are still stupidly sputtering - Prayer works! More people died in the Holocaust! Ask God to purge evil! - to cover their blood-spattered tracks. Occupying a "special podium of delusional cowardice" is Trump insisting "mental health is your problem here” and "this isn't a guns situation" and thank goodness for that hero good guy with a gun. Not. We call distraction, and bullshit.


God helps those who help themselves. If american politicians are simply not willing to help themselves to end gun murders in the streets, then God will wait to help until they are ready.


It may be a “Mental Health Situation” for Little Donny, but for someone as deranged as him, EVERYTHING is a mental health situation, and always has been, and always will be. You would have to be crazy as a loon to not see the connection between triggers being squeezed and large groups of people falling dead. Yes, a crazy person with a tire iron can kill, but only one person at a time, and certainly not from many floors above the street, as happened in Nevada. Forget locking up the guns… lock up the NRA, instead, as a subversive organization that is directly responsible for many, many unnecessary deaths


All one has to do is like at the rate of gun violence in Briton compared to America. Not doing is insane. The NRA and the gun lobby are terrorist organizations. Years ago good old Mitch in the Senate said no supreme court justice would come to a vote unless approved by the NRA. That is subversion. That is terrorism. That is Treason.


The “thoughts and prayers” crowd are both delusional and evil. It’s simple: more guns, fewer controls = more deaths.


I have been ‘prayin’ really hard that DJT, his VP, his administration, his cabinet and Gorsuch would all disappear and land on a comet to take them to their infernos…so far, nothin’s happened. god must be on vacay…


While prayer has a positive effect on believers, the power of prayer is demonstrated by the lotteries – how many millions pray to win, and how many of those prayers are answered. Obviously those of us who view things realistically should work toward practical solutions to the problem, not just pray.

The recent series of mass shootings show that there’s an addiction to guns afflicting many Americans. Possessing a gun has a psychological effect. Adding guns to disputes such as one the Sutherland Springs shooter was having is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Guns are often like gasoline in this respect. The first step in addressing the problem is recognizing that the addiction is like opioid addiction. The addict reaches a point when he/she can no longer resist the urge to do use a drug, and a fatal overdose occurs. With guns, shooting large numbers of people is comparable to overdosing.

Once we recognize that this really is a gun problem, we can devise ways of watching out for addicts who may take the final steps we saw in all the recent mass shootings. We can alert law enforcement when someone amasses a large number of guns and lots of ammunition for no good reason; shows great affection for guns (for example, the Sutherland Springs shooter bought many guns, tons of ammo, and shot the guns at all hours, disturbing his neighbors); and shows signs that his/her natural compassion, empathy, and love of other humans is being overpowered by the addiction. Since our nation is awash in guns, it’s unlikely that background checks will prevent gun addicts from acquiring guns, just as laws prohibiting illegal drug possession don’t stop drug addicts from overdosing. We also need laws punishing those, like the relatives and acquaintances of the Sutherland Springs shooter, who fail to report obvious signs of gun addiction that leads to loss of life.


How about a newer, stronger, total ban on private ownership of assault-style weapons, or is that too logical and simple?


Simple logic evades US simpletons.