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On Democracy, Did Our Highest Court Ignore Its Strongest Argument?

On Democracy, Did Our Highest Court Ignore Its Strongest Argument?

Frances Moore Lappé

Americans may disagree about many things, but most of us come together in loathing the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United. We know it helped degrade our democracy as it opened the floodgates to independent, corporate campaign spending and enabled additional rulings that have led to Super PACs, along with ever-more “dark money.”


Gee, it is almost like money is a mentally violent tool of oppression. In a free society?


It occurred to me after the CU decision, that citizens are now entitled to representation in their own government in the same manner they are entitled to own a 350 Million dollar yacht. They are entitled to go out, procure $350 million, in any manner, by hook or crook, and buy it.


I’m sure all the members on the Roberts side of the court will be remorseful (snark) of their votes on this subject, much like Sandra Day O’Connor regretted her 2000 election vote after her retirement, handing us shrub for President. Much like this, too little - too late O’Connor, damage done.

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Those were the days :slight_smile:

It isn’t just regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency that have been captured by big money - its everything, and pretty near everybody.

Even Alex Honnold worries me. Seeing him in a tux on Oscar night, etc…

I preferred to see Alex in his van, or on a cliff.

A Vedic verse comes to mind:

“In the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner.”

Hence the solitary archetype.

With “Citizens United,” the Supreme Court made a Supreme Fuck up.

Shea Stadium July 9th, 1971.


Recon –

We know very little about the private lives of these justices – except maybe
A response I had from them was that they take pride in ignoring pleas from the
public and their mail.
But they regularly hang out with Elites.
We need to be challenging these individuals, personally, just as members of
Congress are being personally challenged.

Billboards for impeachment –


Great article! I agree wholeheartedly! It reminds me of boss pig Snowball in Animal Farm saying that “All animals are created equally, but some animals are created more equal than other animals.” So those people with the most money get all or the most speech and those with only a very little bit of money get little to no speech. I’m afraid that today, America is very close to being a right wing totalitarian state like 1984 or Animal Farm. And everyone feared it would be the left that would have lead to tyranny instead! Who knew? The Republican voters don’t even get it yet! They think that Trump and the Freedom Caucus is going to free them. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! What a bad joke that is!


I read an interview years ago with O’Connor (don’t remember the publication) where she said her vote on the 2000 vote scandal was the only vote she regretted on the court. Are we, the people, to believe she didn’t realize how detrimental and important that issue was when she was deciding how to vote? If so we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.
I’ve wondered for a while now if there’s a method in place, to investigate them, particularly their finances, looking for big increases, if you know what I mean.

Our political class has no interest or will in governing a democracy, only the will to keep it’s illusion alive long enough to extract as much wealth as possible before it’s no longer the tenable 300 year half-baked experiment it always was.

What you mean-um “very close”, Kemo Sabé?   You must have missed the 2017 post in which I described my home-made bumper sticker celebrating “our” wonderful new Administration,
1984 . . .  Here At Last!!!”     (See Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them. )