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On 'Democracy Now!', Noam Chomsky Condemns US for 'Brutal and Sadistic' Refugee Policies Amid Erosion of Democracy


On 'Democracy Now!', Noam Chomsky Condemns US for 'Brutal and Sadistic' Refugee Policies Amid Erosion of Democracy

Common Dreams staff

Noam Chomsky, world-renowned dissident, linguist and author, and University of Arizona professor, joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Friday morning to discuss a myriad of issues in a four-part series, including U.S.


we seem to have our noses everywhere. our own gov’t is to blame for all the refugees and needs to come up with a solution. if we ruined their countries well, it is time to fix them. i know that military retirees are heading to costa rica to live.


It was refreshing seeing Chomsky on Democracy Now considering that for a while now they have been inviting guests who at least partially buy into the narratives such as Russiagate. Chomsky proves to be even in his old age, much more well informed than most people.


Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword.

Die Liar Die!


Yes, no doubt about it in my mind!


I am worried that the corporate media will prevent anyone from succeeding Chomsky when he passes away. It is difficult for me to imagine a worthy successor, but if there is one (I am sure there are) we will not hear anything about it in the corporate press.
Chomsky views, while being ‘spot on’, are still avoided at all costs by the MSM. Though Chomsky is a superstar outside of the U.S. and around the globe, he is basically an unknown in the U.S. being far less recognizable than second rate soap opera actors or fringe professional athletes. This is a testament to how successful corporate media has been in dumbing down the populace. Two thirds of Americans are flat broke, yet they still elect the corporate candidates year in and year out at our own peril.
Until someone like Noam can get the same amount of airtime as the NRA or Russiagate, the majority of Americans will live in the dark.


Yes, very, very true. More proof of the Fourth Estate supporting the Fourth Reich.