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On Depraved Heart Murder


On Depraved Heart Murder

Friday's appearance by Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby was electrifying, from her harrowing step-by-step account of the crimes against Freddie Gray to the charges announced against six cops. The most serious is a "depraved heart murder" charge against van driver Caesar Goodson Jr. Its legal definition describes "wanton indifference," "viciousness," and "callous disregard for the value of human life." "This is your moment," Mosby said, to end such depravity.


Accountability against U.S. neo-Nazism.


They will never be convicted. Never. We have a basically insurmountable problem with bullies in The U.S. . And people who become cops are by nature bullies craving power and control over others. Bullies also have serious and deep seated anger issues as well as anger management deficits. That of course is in addition to the problems of racists being drawn to becoming police in order to legally act on their racism. This problem is not fixable. The U.S. Is a seething cesspool that will never be cleaned out. My advice is to leave it if you want a chance at a better life. Because that will not happen here. You won’t be safe for long in our lily white suburbs when the racist militarized cops and their military pals run out of people of color to murder and start on the white middle classes…


I am surprised to see that half of the accused are persons of color. This shows the extent to which the problem is the culture in some police departments. It is not only white racists cops who are a problem. Apparently many police, including minority officers, do not consider everyone to be people with rights.


It just goes to show you that simple diversity in an organization is not a measure of anti-racism or anti-oppression. In all likelihood it actually exacerbates racial tension within the organization, and in the case of police, those tensions explode on the streets against the members of society that society deems appropriate to oppress based on specious criminal activity and skin color. Diversity in an organization should be encouraged when it is backed up by fundamental education on what racism is, how it came to be, and provides folks in those organizations with the tools they need to see the human being regardless of skin color. We shouldn’t be surprised that black cops partook in this behavior, after all white cops beat up on white folk all the time. What surprises me is that a woman is involved.


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I could not agree more. I spent 16 years in the military. The military is one of the most integrated organizations in this country. I never saw so much racism as I saw in the US Army and the National Guard. Members of small units like squads get along and work together because they know each other and depend on each other to survive. In the larger world of the military racism (mostly under cover) runs rampant.

My time in the National Guard things were better. Since most people in a unit come from the same area members tend to get along better. There is still prejudiced but it tended to not be racial in my unit. Sexism was more of a problem in my unit because we had a larger number of women than most units.


Mosby is young, and the FOP will hire the very best attorneys for the cops, so I’ll be somewhat surprised if they’re convicted except as sacrifices.

Reading over the charges, that lieutenant should be carrying the can for all the cops involved, including the sergeant. He totally failed in every duty he had, from having probable cause to pursue, stop, and arrest Gray, to supervising the rest of them as they failed to provide medical care, proper seating, and every other thing.

He, not the driver, should be the one charged with depraved indifference and on conviction should go to prison forever.


It is dangerous to simply treat this as a criminal action by six individuals. This action is a reflection of police priority. It is an event in a series of events (investigators need to dig and find out how many) not only in Baltimore - but rampant in many law enforcement agency’s all across our nation. Depraved Heart - is an excellent description, not perhaps of these six officers. I suspect many of them are family oriented, and well liked and respected in their community, but they acted on a department policy which reflects a depraved heart. It extends far beyond Baltimore - and even our other major police agency’s and runs through the prison system - through our courts - and is magnified in our military where our depraved heart places little value on lives around the globe. Let us hope we don’t use these six individuals as object of our moral righteousness, while failing to deal with our moral failure in national policy - both foreign and domestic. This greed, racism, fear, and hubris is well under way toward destroying us from within. Oh, that we had a Dr. King, to articulate the simple moral priority of a dream where men and women were valued for the content of their character, and not the color of their skin, or the language they speak, or the size of their bank account.


the fact that their bails were incredibly low, and the fact that cops are rarely convicted of most crimes, let alone murder, makes me wonder how these trials are going to accomplish much. I’m guardedly hopeful!


Not to excuse the brutality on the part of cops that occurs in the black and brown communities here in the United States, but poorer whites, too, have often experienced considerably rougher treatment at the hands of cops and other law enforcement people. Some poor whites have even been permanently injured, or even killed by cops, as well.


It’s more like anyone let into bastions of power must show allegiance to the existing power structure, i.e. the white MALE dominant paradigm.


So true. Thanks for adding that.