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On Eve of Election, Netanyahu Promises No Palestinian State If Re-Elected


On Eve of Election, Netanyahu Promises No Palestinian State If Re-Elected

Jon Queally, staff writer

On the eve of national elections in Israel, politically-embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that if he and his Likud Party were returned to power for another term he would make sure that an independent Palestinian state would not come into being.

The comments come as a reversal of official Israeli government policy which, like the U.S. government, states that a two-state solution is the preferred outcome for the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.


“The comments come as a reversal of official Israeli government policy…”


The stated policy has been wildly at variance with the actual policy. Now it’s a more accurate reflection.

The change is a switch from attempting to mollify an international audience to attempting to mollify a domestic audience.


Wow! Bibi is desperate, showing is default hardline, no peace, personality


Blaming Hamas for Likud’s murderous insanity is a typical troll tactic.



Right, because until that moment in history, Israel never stole any land, never dealt duplicitously, never embodied intransigence or aggression in any way, no one ever spoke of Eretz Israel.

“No brainer” indeed.


Where do you read your recent history from?

Fatah is the party who staged an armed and bloody coup d’etat against the 2006 democratically elected Hamas majority government. They likely had Israeli and US help. Hamas lost the West Bank but successfully defeated the coup with considerable sacrifice in blood in Gaza. That is why Hamas held onto Gaza. But last year, a reconciliation deal between the parties was struck, to be completed in June. Israel engaged in random killings, crated a false drawn-out media event around a kidnapping-murder by known independent rogue elements to paint it on Hamas, then savagely bombed and invaded Gaza, in order to prevent this deal from happening.

Israel is like a deluded spouse and child-beating alcoholic who has not quite hit rock-bottom. Lots of very bad things - some of them possibly involving striking out at their utterly delusional foes with nuclear weapons - could happen before they do.


"Civilians terrorized and murdered”. That the US and Israel are by far the knock-down leaders on all counts of war crime, killing, terror and, in general, violence against human life of every kind is taboo to understand. While always accusing others of violating “the international laws and norms of the community of nations”, they repudiate and sabotages them without evident exception.

Consider the systemic violations and subversions across the spectrum. The US and Israeli governments have refused to ratify the International Criminal Court to uphold the law against war crimes and crimes against humanity, and it has publicly repudiated the Court’s right to investigate US and Israeli criminal violations including the “supreme crime” of initiating a war of aggression. While they perpetually invoke international laws to accuse others, they repudiate any life-protective law whatever in their actions. In truth, the US (and its key ally Israel) has systematically undermined virtually all international laws to protect human life – treaties and conventions against land mines, against biological weapons, against international ballistic missiles, against small arms, against torture, against racism, against arbitrary seizure and imprisonment, against military weather distortions, against biodiversity loss, against climate destabilization, and even international agreements on the rights of children and of women.

The big-lie system runs to the moral DNA of the US and Israeli states. Their record of continual war crimes and crimes against humanity by direct or proxy violation should be foremost in the minds of those observing what happens next in Ukraine. It can only continue if NATO-country public opinion does not join the dots in the ultimate failure of Western civilization.


Israel is a tiny country, the sole (historic and modern) Jewish nation on Earth, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations. The most reasonable solution would be to establish an Arab/Moslem Palestine within any of these Arab nations. Instead, the Arabs’ idea of a “compromise” is: 100% for the Arabs, 0% for the Jews.


Google: “Fatah attacks in Gaza.”


Netanyahu and the Likud belong in an asylum, in a rubber room, playing with soft toys and probably heavily medicated.

  • Most of the US Government belongs in the next room.


That’s bigoted nonsense, as “truthful” as the old Protocol of the Elders, based on attributing some magical powers to Jews. Think a minute: Israel is a very tiny country (please see a map), the sole Jewish nation on Earth, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations. Each of these Arab nations are heavily armed by China, Russia AND the US. Israel’s sole (but vital) purpose to the US is as a landing base for troops fighting our periodic oil wars. As our own record shows, the US is a pretty shabby ally. Israel is obviously not in a position to be the aggressor. When attacked, of course they hit back. Disapprove? Look how many years we spent retaliating for 9/11! The Jews are the one people toward whom Americans can openly be bigots today. While socially acceptable, it is as toxic as any other form of racial/religious bigotry.


Just like the racist Republic of South Africa. It was a tiny country, the sole Afrikaner nation on Earth, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Black African nations. The most reasonable solution would be to establish a Black South African nation within any of these Black African nations. Instead, the Black South Africans’ idea of a ‘compromise’ is 100% for the Blacks, 0% for the White racists.
Got it. Sometimes you have to change the names to really see the game.


No, I think it’s insane to tell an enemy nation that we’re cool with them building a nuclear infrastructure, and will simply trust they they will play nice. Netanyahu is correct. I didn’t hear any demands that an agreement to allow Iran to develop their nuclear power would include a requirement to allow regular inspections by UN weapons inspection teams. Like Reagan said: “Trust – but verify.”


No, Israel has simply desperately been trying to survive, under extraordinarily difficult conditions. Consider what things would be like if both Canada and Mexico had nuclear arms and were as hostile toward the US as the Arab nations are to Israel. The funny thing about Americans: When Israel is attacked, we ignore it. When they retaliate, we go wild with our self-righteous condemnation. Of course, the US is a nation that has been engaged in wars more often than not, usually by choice, for the past century, going back to WWl.


In recent decades, Israel has already given up entire chunks of the country, always “for the sake of peace” – only to be attacked again. The goal remains the same: 100% Arab possession of the Mideast. No matter how much land they cede, more is demanded. Look at a map of the Mideast. Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by vast Arab nations. A reasonable solution for the “Palestinian” Arabs that don’t want to live peacefully in Israel is to form a new Arab state within these vast Arab lands. But this was never a matter of relocating refugees. The Arabs demand a 100% Moslem Mideast.


Your propaganda gets worse with each post.


I hope you’re joking, because your posts in this thread are so ahistorical, and hasbarist-looking, that I feel queasy when I think you might be serious. Do please tell us you’re joking.


I suppose the Republican senators will support this in the name of “Self Determination”


How would you like it if a judge told you that you had to give up half of your home and let a stranger move in? How would you like it if the stranger began telling you where you may and may not go in your half of this home?
This is what Palestinians are experiencing.
While the parents or grandparents of Ashkanazy Jews were living in Europe, the Palestinian’s ancestors were living in what is noy Palestine and Israel,


Instead of repeating Israeli Propaganda, try learning the actual history. Jews can and do live safely here in the US and elsewhere and don’t need to steal the land of Palestine and imprison its inhabitants. Israeli Jews would be a lot safer if they opted to live at peace as equals with their neighbors in Palestine instead of having a racist apartheid state. The greatest source of anti-Jewish sentiment today is zionism. Maybe Netanyahu is right about a two-state solution – especially if he means a bantustan version of a state for Palestinians. The best solution is to end apartheid, tear down the walls, and have one state with equality for all.