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On Eve of Election, Progressives Ready to 'Transform American Politics'


On Eve of Election, Progressives Ready to 'Transform American Politics'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer, Jon Queally, staff writer

On the eve of the U.S. election, one legacy of a highly contentious season is a newly-energized progressive base that is not only mobilized to vote but is itself looking to upset corporate politics nationwide.


The only possible scenario in which Hillary Clinton might be at all interested in what progressives want is if Jill Stein gets at least 5% of the popular vote nationwide, which would mean that the Green Party would get federal funding and permanent party status, ensuring a strong progressive challenge to Hillary in 2020.


I can't argue that progressives shouldn't look forward to future, run for down-ticket races, and protest the horrific breaches of humanity that will smack us in the face again and again over the next 4 years. Fine......do it! But the fact is that we've lost a golden opportunity to put a progressive in the White House, and that progressive has endorsed and campaigned for the overtly corrupt Hillary Clinton, who is unlikely to make it through a four year term. What is Bernie Sanders going to do as the so-called "Justice Dept." continues to ignore the high crimes and misdemeanors of Clinton and her supplicants? Will he continue to be wag his tail and lick Hillary's hand like a good neutered poodle? Or will he demand the further investigative work needed to uncover all the dirt HillRod and her gang are frantically trying to sweep under the rug? That's the Senate's job (the FBI can only do so much). Make no mistake -- HillRod will gladly provoke confrontation with Russia to divert attention from her corruption. She has no scruples. Sanders, and Warren too, need to step up, partner with Repubs in a bi-partisan effort to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.


In total agreement with this. There is still time. Progressives thinking of voting for Hillary should consider how they can help the Green Party achieve this goal instead. In many states, Stein/Baraka are unlikely to get 5%, making it all the more imperative that progressives vote for her in significant numbers wherever they can.


I'm personally not impressed by Stein as a speaker after watching her speak, etc. I think that's a little bit of the problem outside of party finances, she's just not that compelling. Obviously, you guys probably know the way I'm going with a racist who'd just empower his bigoted acolytes if he won, but that's just the "vibe" I get. Not a knock on her personally though, I'd be a terrible politician. As we know, the person with the most charisma, Sanders, ain't in it.


A valiant effort, much appreciated. Personally, I don't think we have time to build a new democratic party, it won't just be the president to fight, but the shadow government, and the rest of the ruling elite.
Maybe I'm jaded but I don't have much hope for anything but a great deal of street action and that's just to get their attention.
North Dakota is an example of what we have to look forward to whether Trump or Clinton gets it. I hope these 15,000 people are ready to stand on the line.
I'll be so glad when this charade is over.


"On Eve of Election, Progressives Ready to 'Transform American Politics'"

Oh goody! That means they are voting Green! Yay!


"Will he continue to be wag his tail and lick Hillary's hand like a good neutered poodle?"

Yup, although he will make some nice speeches about "billionaires" and stuff ...

"Or will he demand the further investigative work needed to uncover all the dirt HillRod and her gang are frantically trying to sweep under the rug?"

Nope - as he said "The public is tired of hearing about your damn e-mails!"

"Sanders, and Warren too, need to step up, partner with Repubs in a bi-partisan effort to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation"

Naw, ain't gonna happen - that would undermine his party, the one he so badly compromised his integrity for ... And would give aid and comfort to "enemy" ...


So you won't vote for the most intelligent, honest, gutsy, dedicated candidate with the best platform because you don't like her speaking style? Oy vey ...


Rhode Island is a one party Democratic state. After tomorrow, the de facto "second party" in Rhode Island will be the Rhode Island progressive Democratic coalition. We had our big election on primary day in September.

There will still be a Republican third party in Rhode Island, but their representatives in the two legislative bodies will be able to squeeze into two cars.

The rest of the Democratic Party will be happy that we're friendly toward them, but there's an understanding that the herd was culled and this same scenario could happen again in two years.


Here is a best way for progressives to transform American politics:


Hillary has to lose to continue the Revolution. If she wins prepare for the great Progressive Purge of 2016-17.


If Jill Stein were to get 5 percent - or even 2 percent in my state, Hillary would become irrelevant becasue Trump would easily win Pennsylvania - tipping the whole country to Trump.


Curious, when Trump wins - what will you all be doing next?

Or, if Clinton wins - and it will be a narrow win - and Trump, as he promises, refuses to concede the election and his gun-packing followers fill the streets to protest the "rigged election" will you all be out there with them protesting "Killary's rigging of the election"?

I guess I'm troubled in that it see no talk of any kind of organized resistance against Trump and specifically his vile followers after the election.


In 2014, Oregonians had an Iniative on the ballot merely asking to have food products with GMO ingredients labeled, as such. The vote was so close a rather bogus recount was triggered. Eventually, it lost by less than 1100 votes. The Democratic Party allowed around 5000 votes to be thrown out, by Republican appointed " signature analysts ", who claimed the ballots were somehow indecipherable. It was a sham by Establishment Democrats. Additionally, both large " alternative " progressive(?) weeklies editorialized against this ballot measure. Another indication of a sham left in Oregon politics. The " sham politics " of the Democratic Party runs deep in Oregon and across this country. You don't have to look very hard to find it, either. The effort by Sen. Sanders is admirable and I'll support it with enthusiasm and money. But, I'll urge all to use great caution in picking their potential candidates. Or, trusting the media to level the playing fields, no matter what they say. And, the Democratic Party is no friend of progressive movements, whatsoever. Look at their recent history and, by all means, judge for yourself.


Yunzer, i've been on this board long enough to remember W 04. Everyone was gonna move to Canada if he won and and apocalypse would be upon us. Guess what, nobody moved to Canada and we're still counting down to that apocalypse.


You might want to look at Stein's platform - one that was developed in support of humanity and the planet - not 'coerced' as HRC's or bigoted like DT's.


I already voted and it wasn't for Stein. That said, I have no big grievance against her or anything. Maybe she could do what Teachout's doing and run for Congress.


Great video, natureboy. The internet gives us a chance to improve our representative democracy and take steps towards direct democracy. To start with, there should be federal and state citizen interaction websites that allow on-line discussion of issues between the public and their government reps. Voting for candidates and issues would be done on the website at the user's convenience. Access would be password-controlled to guard against fraud and trolling. But please be safe -- No voting while driving!


You make it seem as if the Clintons are not typical of the US power structure. What needs to be done is to fight back against the Clinton administration's using its power in the service of multinational corporations. Their corruption is not more extreme than that of any other politician in the power structure. The point is to expose the corruption of capitalist society, and build up forces such as the Green party or other parties on the left to present an alternative to the establishment, both the Democrats and the Republicans.