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On Eve of G20 Summit, Global Climate Actions Say: 'Stop Funding the Problem'



The current economic paradigm inexorably links money and energy (fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables--in that order). Only political wedges can help break this linkage. Enlightenment can only occur if the needs of the planet and all of its inhabitants are held in the highest regard, rather than some arbitrary notion such as gross domestic product. Because economic forces drive decision makers, change cannot occur until the economic principles are reworked to consider the moral values of continued life on this precarious rock we call home.


More war is the ultimate distraction from actual climate change action. The Powers That Be (interpret that how you will) are determined to keep us fearful and unresponsive to the challenge. Hence... 9/11, a million dead Iraqis, ISIS, Paris, etc.

Did you know that the US military is the biggest single user of fossil-fuels on the planet? War is SO profitable for the MIC, and the fossil-fuel corpse.


Government(s) and those "we" "elect" are corrupted by big oil&gas, the "old money" that was built-up for over a century (from even older wealth) into family and corporate giant conglomerates of vast wealth and political influence/power. Congress is a product of that wealth & influence (along with other sectors influencing/corrupting for their interests) and Congress/politicians will not - cannot - change the status-quo without hurting their masters. Just as every Congressional district in the US has an arms supplier or sub-supplier or sub-sub-supplier that coerce Congress to rubber-stamp fund/approve war and the MICC agenda or be accused of "losing jobs" and "against the Military" and "making America weak", so too the oil&gas conglomerate corrupts/influences Congress, a wholly-owned subsidiary of wealth at this point. Scientists and facts have been sidelined in favor of politicians and political considerations/agenda (read corruption & fantasy) and that must change radically if 'we" are ever to effect meaningful change......

The nuclear industry is another corrupting influence, with cadres of disinformation industry shills all its own, pushing the "nuclear is green, safe, and cheap" rubbish. Some see nuclear as savior, others as a great under-exposed threat. the NRC is a shill for nuclear power, they do not exist to protect the people or environment. Nuclear is, when ALL is counted, likely the most expensive source of power, a technology not of today, but along with fossil-fuels, of the past. IF a new nuclear technology, non-polluting, absent the radiation/meltdown threats was developed - maybe.....

That said, IF the people rise-up in great numbers to demand real change we stand a chance, small, but a chance, of altering the status-quo from the energy families/corporate oil&gas giants of the past (including old-nuclear) to renewable sustainable non-polluting clean/green energy of the future - a future that is damn-fast receeding and becoming more fragile and dangerous by the year - we might still have a chance.

The latest from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice-sheets increased melting rate data should provide impetus even to the myopic ignorant. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/aug/09/omg-nasa-project-oceans-melting-greenland




Actually, with Global Warming producing catastrophic weather conditions nuclear reactors are a threat to our safety -- more than 100+ across the nation and more than 500+ internationally.

Most take at least a year to shut down properly -- and what of the WASTE?

True, behind the screen of endless wars are Elites trying to distract us from Global Warming.

I recall Thom Hartmann saying a few years ago that 80% of our oil is used by the Military.

OIL is part of the national security state -- No oil/No War.

Private individuals should no longer have control of our oil for their personal profit.

Same with our other natural resources.

The public was advised in 1957 of the Global Warming model -- and that burning fossil fuels creates Global Warming.

This is a liberal nation -- Americans are anti-war and anti-MIC -- and the Oligarchs controlling our government and politics damn well know that.


Yeah, and do we think those economic forces are going to be "reworked" with a democratic method?... I am beginning to worry ... more will be evident after the next presidential election...... IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL.... I know, that sounds rather out there doesn't it... but, well... can you see how that could be a possibility?...if it looks like Sanders will get the Democratic Nomination... or if he even gets that far......do we really think they'll


Oh, I just though of something... many of you will say that he is part of the problem... he is ONE OF THEM... .I am not opposed to that probability... he may very well be... I really do not have any REAL... belief our system any more.... I have been jaded....


The key here is "if people rise up".... well, that is only partly true... if people are going to "RISE UP"... THEY NEED TO DO SO... IN BOYCOTT.... OF ALL THAT IS FOSSIL FUEL... .I know, that is asking a whole hell of a lot... but... that IS WHAT WILL WORK... IF WE DROP OUT...!!! IF you have small children or some other issue that would make dropping out an issue for those dependent on you.. then, well... you are excused, unless you can somehow pull it off... but, we need numbers... pulling out of this fossil fuel mafia life, is really difficult... I know some here will disagree with this tactic... but I woujld like to remind them that we are REALLY RUNNING OUT OF TIME.. to make any real difference in co2 emissions... some how.. we need to do more than just march... that march has to have REAL CONSEQUENCES... no profits for the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY... BRING 'EM DOWN.


We are on the same page....


You'd think that conservatives would be against having the government pay for oil exploration considering their "leave it to the free market" mantra. Indeed, if all government subsidizing and tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry was stopped, people would then truly be paying for the real cost of producing fossil fuels. I'm sure in such a scenario that more people would be more willing to boycott the fossil fuel industry or at least reduce their consumption of fossil fuels....


If we are serious about stopping climate change, then we need a Stop Funding Animal Agriculture Day.

According to the WorldWatch Institute, animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. This doesn't even touch upon the vast damage that all animal agriculture, including fishing and backyard livestock, has upon the planet.

In comparison, all transportation combined - planes, trains, boats and automobiles - contributes 13%.

It is sheer ignorance and/or hypocrisy to rail for the end of wanton fossil fuel use at the same time continuing to support and/or ignore the funding of animal agriculture.

Care about the planet? Show it by eating as if you give a damn -- Stop eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs!

(Grassfed beef emits more greenhouse gases than grainfed, by the way.)

For more info, see: