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On Eve of Midterms, Americans Urged to Vote 'Like the Planet Depends On It—Because It Does'


On Eve of Midterms, Americans Urged to Vote 'Like the Planet Depends On It—Because It Does'

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump has urged voters to treat the 2018 midterms as a referendum on his presidency, and climate action advocates on Monday made a similar call—asking Americans to remember the vast damage the president and the Republican Party have done to previous efforts to curb the climate crisis in the past two years, and to vote accordingly.

Tuesday's elections are providing voters with a chance to stop Trump's anti-climate, pro-fossil fuels agenda in its tracks, Greenpeace said.




Trump clearly is trying to speed up climate change. One aim of this policy may be to increase climate migration to increase the number of immigrants which would strengthen his claim that immigration is a problem and thereby increase his power. His claims that immigration is a serious problem are pretty much baseless but climate change could force a lot of people to flee their home countries.

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We have been given a chance to do put up our own Walls against these murderers. Will we, or be like the other stupids that think the Earth is Flat?


Yes, but I would go a step further. Donald Trump is blatantly racist. His most rabid supporters are racist, and the reason we don’t read more about this is all of the big newspapers and magazines don’t want to alienate their racist readers. The next step is that Trump is blatantly sexist.


So Dan what’s your guess as to where THEY are coming from. There are only a few general possibilities. They are shit faced greedy and can’t see the forest the trees. But that would require a certain amount of stupidity.
Or, they figure that someone will come up with a last minute solution to fix everything. A mixture of wishful thinking and stupidity. And finally, they may know of a plan for the rich to escape to a safe haven hear or off planet.
We can start a revival by starting a bee farm or farms.

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The really sad thing is when you see Americans asked what issues matter most to them, the health of our biosphere and innocent animals is at the bottom of the list.
Humans are the most selfish, deluded, destructive, consumptive, polluting, voracious, cruel species that ever evolved, and we’re a mass extinction event that has erased 70% of native flora, fauna, and ecosystems in just the last two generations.
Consumer capitalism, the worship of babymaking, and our tendency to think short-term and selfishly are leading to planetary ecocide.
And neither the Democrats nor the GOP acknowledge the dire situation our species has created.

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The twin seminal, existential, issues are nuclear winter and ecological collapse:


People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

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Greetings friend “EFFER”. I know your heart and mind are in the right place but as you offered up your answer to our political problem I got this picture in my mind of two teams competing in a tug of war.
One side had a half dozen L.A Ram.linemen and the other team six scrawny young men.
The scrawny’s had better find a sugar daddy or the linemen will drown them with their corporarte cash. Does the Green Party have access to the kind of money it takes to run against the other two major party’s and possibly an Independent and Libertarian Party as well?


As things are, nuclear war will end us before the environment can deteriorate to the degree of wiping us out. The last I looked, the famous “Doomsday Clock” was at two minutes before midnight. And when it comes to elections (both midterm and presidential elections), most voting choices come down to economic issues.


One point to consider: In 2016, roughly half of all registered voters rejected both Clinton and Trump, for some of the same reasons. They either voted third party or withheld their votes. The US Green Party has only continued to grow.


I agree, since both political parties are deep in the pockets of the capitalists. Nancy Pelosi stated that we are a capitalist nation and that the Democrats would push for “incremental change” if they get control. Tom Perez and the DNC after saying they would not take fossil fuel money reversed positions and now eagerly accept it. Every Democratic Senator voted in favor of Trump’s obscene increase in the military budget. The list of Democrats selling us down the river goes on and on. Climate change is an immediate crisis, and neither of the two major political parties will save us.


There a couple of questions to be asked here. They say a record numbers of voters have registered and that a record number of NEW voters have registered. What if the majority of those are republican voters in response to all of the hype? And of course what if the fix really IS in? How do we get our selves out the mess that would be coming our way when Trump demands that he has a mandated majority.


In the most recent 2018 Gallup poll of registered voters, Republicans come in last:

Independent - 39%
Democrat - 30%
Republican - 28%

Gandolf, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this.


Got a song for what ever ails ya eh?


Oh, but I think we do learn. At a rate unacceptable for change unfortunately. Half the country takes their cell phones to the shower with them and use them as a driving companion and could care less about politics or where this country is headed. They probably don’t know who the vice president is or much of anything else about government. Probably don’t vote.
Things do move too slowly though for anyone to get upset enough to revolt, even though behind the scene we are hell bent to keep the war machine well oiled or our economy will grind to a halt. Now that would suck. The grind part.