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On Eve of NH, Sanders Wins Women Voters, Trounces GOP

On Eve of NH, Sanders Wins Women Voters, Trounces GOP

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is not only ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, where the next U.S. presidential primary will take place on February 9, he is also leading her among female voters and more electable against Republican rivals, several new surveys show.


We men know that women are smarter than us. That’s why women in greater and greater numbers are supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016.


The longer Hilary Clinton stays in the race the greater the embarrassment for herself and her supporters she will be.


Don’t forget Jeb! It’s time for a change–you betcha!

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The Hill seems to think that she is smarter than women and that all she has to do is cry foul and use the double standard clause to attract their vote. The Hill does not live in the same world as women who are out there everyday struggling to make ends meet. Instead of trying to sympathize with herself about double standards when she has a 5,000.00 a minute speaking fee, she should be focused on the real life double standards of disproportionate wages for women, compared to their male counterparts. The takeaway from what The Hill doesn’t say is the essence of her candidacy, which is nothing more than a tribute to her ego and not about changing what is broken in Washington D.C. Women who support the good senator from Vermont know a good man when they see one. Go Bernie Go…


What a nonsensical thing to write. You seem almost glad that corporatists have ruined the US and Europe.


“Our most important task is to revitalize American democracy.”


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More and more Americans, women and men, Black, Latino and other “minorities”, the middle-class and poor, seniors and all the at-risk - all those who see the enormous economic disparities and rampant corruption that threaten our republic and people will join the “political revolution” so courageously led by Bernie Sanders!

There are some that denigrate Sanders as a fraud on some issues but they offer no alternative or solutions, only point to highly questionable “failures”! They criticize issues but call for political inaction, not solutions - it is said the longest journey begins with a single step - Sanders and the issues/reforms he champions and the growing support he generates encompass so much more than that!

Bernie may not be a perfect candidate in all respects, on all issues (yet), but he is the candidate that we, the 99%, can win with - we will then appeal to his integrity on those issues he does not emphasize at this point in the election - Bernie has run a brilliant and vigorous campaign thus far and his essential moral compass, integrity and real commitment of over 40 years will build the coalition to carry the day…and translate into the many changes/reforms so critically needed.


The jobs that will be created by pumping money into the American economy through spending on infrastructure rebuilding, bringing back manufacturing jobs and replacing the fossil fuel based economy with a renewable green economy will create more well paying jobs than your Wall matr’s worst nightmare.


Bernie has identified the meta problem(s) and is inviting all of us to walk with him toward the solution. It won’t be such an easy walk, BUT, as we walk it together it will become more and more energized , coherent, and delightful actually. Go Bernie ! and Go all of us !


It’s odd…but the CNN/WMUR survey released Sunday doesn’t mention gender at all. The link supplied by Prupis is to a WaPo story that also doesn’t provide any verification for the assertion about gender based support in the CNN/WMUR survey.

What Prupis fails to mention about the UMass Lowell/7News tracking poll is that Sanders 16 point lead in New Hampshire represents a loss of 17 percentage points for him there in a relatively short amount of time.

Other polls I’ve seen, like the one covered here, have shown fairly consistent support for Clinton among women in all but the youngest demographic.

That headline is misleading and Prupis’ claims cannot be verified.

This old boy is going to volunteer for our local Bernie campaign, because that where the women are !


Who handed you these right wing Talking Points, the Ted Cruz committee?


The links are in the article.

Must be a job with his name on it waiting for him at faux news or one of the GOP candidates campaigns, eh ?

Exactly, we may see a Wall Street meltdown as their reign ends, but our infrastructure being rebuilt in a more contemporary and sustainable way will ultimately reinvigorate America. Let it happen.


If I ever met you, I’d buy you a drink. (Cute line… about “where the women are…”)

I met a guy years ago (and what a handsome, charmer he was) who told me he was going to the CIA. Turned out to be the Culinary Institute of America; and I dated a chef years ago. He told me he signed up for Home Economics rather than Shop to be where the girls were.

I like it when men have a unique strategy!

He’s not bright enough and he can’t spell. I think Ted Cruz is closer to his level of cognitive engagement… how 'bout that Christian Fundamentalist “ladies want strong men to lean on” crap. It’s code for “women submitting to their husbands.”


Well and then there is the minor item of her quest for personal riches. :wink:

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