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On Exploding Right-Wing Heads


On Exploding Right-Wing Heads

Now that Obama's left his commie friends behind, a word about the preposterous hypocrisy of an American right that remains willfully, selectively disingenuous about its own abuses. Thus, the visit to Cuba with its Che backdrop sparked a torrent of rabid rants - blood-soaked Marxist murderer! - while the visit to Argentina, still healing from a Dirty War in which we were complicit, elicits not a peep.


Nailed it again!


Well, the CIA helped track Che to Bolivia, where the fascists captured him and cut him into pieces, daring not to give their captive a hearing. Che was simply a guy who rode around the continent and decided that our Southern brothers need not be so poor. He tried to do something about it.

On the other hand, our revolution started because our guys didn’t like the fact that Great Britain had committed to use force to stop colonial expansion beyond the thirteen original colonies. These really rich guys were willing to break all oaths of allegiance, rebel, face treason charges, and risk hanging; all that, just so they could expand westwards.

No wonder that the progeny of that revolution will never comprehend the Cuban one.


"Obama Besties With Blood-Soaked Marxist Murderer! "

Overreaction? maybe…When it comes to communist dictatorships the Castro regime is pretty lame. had they tried harder they would be in the dustbin of history with the rest of their brethren.


Another overlooked reason for the so-called “Revolutionary” War was the rebel’s resistance to abolishing slavery: The Counter Revolution of 1776 by Gerald Horne. Worth the read.


You are dishonoring Che’s memory by that ridiculous photo parody – Obama is not Che…he couldn’t wipe Che’s boots…and this photo should never have been posted, even if it represents only your sick sense of humor.


Good group photo in Havana. A contrast between a true revolutionary hero of the people, and a fraud, a tool of capitalist/corporatist oligarchy/dictatorship. Cubanos should be very wary of Obama’s hidden motives - he cannot be trusted as we see pushing the TPP on the world, including Cuba.

Picturing Obama in the iconic image as Che Guevara, even as parody-satire to “stick it” to the fascist right, is a very objectionable mockery! Obama isn’t worth Che’s spit…


Couldn’t have said it better Donna! Thank you!


Thank you for the reminder howlingwolf, no one is more central to our “history in Central America” than Felix Rodriguez (link below) of Bay of Pigs and Iran Contra fame, a friend of the Nixon and Bush Senior administration, and yet America doesn’t know the man. Here he is for those who care to look… http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKroderiguez.htm


Excellent summation of the “controversial visits.” with your points very well made. The comparisons to Nixon’s and Reagan’s previous overtures to other Communists countries can’t be stressed enough. But it’s always OKIYAR. Conversely Obama is always wrong. Che shouldn’t be such a controversial figure after all these years. He was once somewhat of a "hippie hero"among young Americans. I’ve always loved the story related by a teacher some years ago, about a student who showed up wearing a Che Guevera T-shirt. She admitted being somewhat impressed, historically, that he knew who Che was. Puzzled, the student replied, “I thought it was Jim Morrison.”


Can I guess that you don’t like Hillary? It’s hard to tell because you’re so subtle. I’m confused,here, since you seem to be opposed to how the U.S. treats prisoners at Guantanamo. Now this is Hillary’s fault? I suppose you also object to those (do I need to name names?) in our government who want to close the facility? No? or …Either way, there is much to criticize about Sec/Sen Clinton, but I don’t think Guantanamo, a disgrace to our entire government, should be one. Which party is most freaked out on the issue?


Maybe all those certifiable loonies will stroke out. Hope so.


The larger story here is that the Cubans were pleased to see the Obama family, they relate to his Indonesian experience, they seek, I think, a sincere reconciliation with America (on their terms) and President Obama, though flawed, offers a real opportunity for that. President Obama will be an important bridge going forward, in office or not, to reconciliation in South America.


Looked at and ordered the book, Thanks…