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On First Anniversary of Kavanaugh Nomination, Groups Demand Democrats Follow Through on Promise to Probe Perjury and Assault Accusations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/first-anniversary-kavanaugh-nomination-groups-demand-democrats-follow-through

The Democrats could start by issuing subpoenas to **Mark, P.J. and Sqi,**to see what their three memories reveal.

Don’t get your hopes up.

We are talking about spineless jellyfish.

I mean the Democratic leadership.

IMHO, the third sentence (above) is unnecessary.

OTOH, much was made during the hearings of it being legal for Kavanaugh, Mark, P.J. and Sqi to be sharing “brewskis” during the summer that the assault supposedly did, or did not, take place.   While
it may or may not have been legal in Maryland for Mark, P.J. and Sqi to have been drinking 3.2 beer at the time (I don’t know their ages), it was NOT legal for Mr. Kavanaugh – HE WAS ONLY SEVENTEEN THAT SUMMER,
a fact which seems to have been overlooked during the hearings . . .

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Kavanaugh lied repeatedly under oath and that charge must be investigated honestly and thoroughly! “off the table” Nancy has proven herself a failure as leader - more complicit and craven than anything!

Either DINO sellouts follow-thru or pay the price - irrelevance and total complicity to R’Con extremism, lies, corruption, and complicity to all the stinking actions of the trump regime - a regime that DINO presidents clinton and obama set the stage for because they did not lead for the people or build any progressive base, only serve big-money and the war-machine while conning the gullible!

This world is at a crossroads and if any don’t lead strongly, honestly and speak all the truth to power and the people, fight corruption, atrocities and abuses of millions they will wind-up on the dung-heap of history - to say nothing about the utter lack of climate and environmental crises action the orange pig commits daily!.

Pigs at the trough of any label must not be tolerated.

Case in point - Acosta, the sex-trafficking apologist “prosecutor” and co-conspirator, now will cut aid to sex victims by 80% from his position at the trump regime Cabinet of horrors and greed -

" labor secretary (that) granted Jeffrey Epstein immunity from federal prosecution for having run a child sex trafficking ring, is proposing 80% funding cuts for the government agency that combats child sex trafficking.


Does anybody know what we pay Pelosi for? What does she do all day long? What work does she get done besides handing Trump whatever he wants? Another question is what does the House of Representatives do? I know what they don’t do? They don’t hold Trump responsible for all of his unlawful acts as President. Why do we have to beg the House to investigate Kavanaugh when they said that if they won the House they would do that? Now nearly a year later…nothing.


The Dems “opposition” to Kavenaugh (who voted 95% of the time the same as Liberal Obama nominee Merrick) was for show: it was a get-out-the-vote scheme for the November mid-terms. You want the Dems to “follow through”? Fat chance.


Anyone actually paying attention think the DINO corporate-whore party honchos will really stand for anything except spew empty blather and evasions or corrupt political scheming?

Will any of the very popular, just, and wise platform issues Bernie Sanders champions ever make it to the barely existent DINO “platform” of lies and deceit?

Will “off the table” nancy work for the people, hold kavanaugh to account, oppose more war, restore ANY of the “roll-backs” of the trump regime, or only “work with” (read bend-over for) turtle McConnell and his extremist obstructionism?

Will the DINO establishment ever work for the people’s interests and justice, universal health care, end student debt, oppose the banker/wall insurance parasites, or continue to screw the “little people” to serve those corporate campaign-contribution bribes?

The answers are clear, no, no and more no, they will not reform, not serve the 99%, not work to save the environment, not support the progressive, independent base and will not ever change! Until we drag them out or form a new People’s Progressive Party to actually work for real change on many fronts!

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That is true. They are going to have to put on more staff to keep up with investigations. All the republicans had to do was drag Hillary Clinton in time after time on Benghazi.

Hey why don’t you people find a life. Justice Kavanaugh is a confirmed sitting Supreme Court Justice and is doing a great job. Even Justice Ginsburg has high praise for him. None of the accusations brought against him were corroborated and none of the people could place themselves at the party. Brian Fallon is a loser with an axe to grind.

Boofin’ barfin’ Brett’s serial perjuries to get confirmed to the appeals bench ARE A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD. The Democrat Party’s failure to make that an issue is probably the result of either bribery, threats or both.

“Welcome to the community.”
Now piss off, silly right-wing troll.

"Pigs at the trough."

What accurate symbolism.

Up yours. Why don’t you leave Justice Kavanaugh and his wife and children alone? Or is that how you wacko groups get your kicks. He did not perjure himself, wishful thinking on the part of these wacko groups. So are you saying you are in disagreement with Justice Ginsburg in her praise for Justice Kavanaugh? I will say it one more time, leave the Kavanaugh family alone to live in peace.

Or else what exactly?

Next you will want trump and his family left. The reasons to object to his presidency are too many to list.

What exactly? How about being kind to his wife and children. Or are you getting your jollies harassing and torturing Justice Kavanaugh and his family? I hope you all can look in the mirror and be happy with acting like that. Guess what, save your breath
Justice Kavanaugh is on the Supreme court and will be there for a long time, suckers!!

I’ll go out on a limb here, but I bet you like Beer too.

If they are public record then go read them. How empty your life must be, to just want to harass and hound Justice Kavanaugh!, his wife and two young children. Are you proud of yourself? You are sad and pathetic, just like those fools standing in Nadlers office. How empty are their lives, what no jobs to go to?