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On First Full Day as President, Trump Attacks the Press

On First Full Day as President, Trump Attacks the Press

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a foreboding speech at CIA headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, President Donald Trump attacked press coverage of his inauguration, characterizing reporters as "the most dishonest human beings" and saying that they would "pay."

"… Trump attacked press coverage of his inauguration, characterizing reporters as “the most dishonest human beings” and saying that they would “pay.”

Listen up! The management and OWNERS that set policy and demand that its on-air employees toe the line for the ad revenue will be exempt from any identifiable culpability. Can you say “externalized costs” ??? deferred, denied, colonized and projected.
The institutionalized agenda will not be televised.
It will not be articulated for USA communities
or electorate to speak in referendums.
The agenda does not intend to let the ‘better angels’
of our collective character have a say.
The agenda thinks it will allow no challenge.
The agenda setter has no idea that hundreds of millions of people already see the wobble, the weaknesses, the diversions and instead are looking to reconstruction with inclusion already seeing way far beyond the agenda setters.


Even if Don gets impeached for any of this sh*t, Pence will take over. If not Pence, then Ryan.
Stateless Republicans could give a rat’s arse about anything but wealth and power.


He really is deranged and not right.


Those that would point out that the MSM pushes pro corporate paradigms, has been a propaganda tool for corporate governance and all the rest, should also realize that Trump IS NOT MAKING THAT ARGUMENT WHEN HE ATTACKS THE PRESS.

He doesn’t give a flying cluck about truth.

The MSM is absolutely normalizing this right wing jerk, and in the end is no enemy of Donald Trump.

They will dutifully “catapult the propaganda” of his tweets, not make clear determination of demonstrable fact that counters his lies, and the rest.

Trump will ruthlessly clamp down on press freedoms that will affect journalists and media organizations that DO carry out journalism with integrity, having a conviction to get at the truth of a matter objectively, and seek to hold power accountable.

Also, Trump’s CIA pick in written answer to questions from Senators regarding torture, has predictably offered a different response than the one given in testimony where he stated he would not seek to have the CIA engage in waterboarding.

He even states, in keeping with Trump’s position during the campaign, that laws might need be changed in regard to torture.

His confirmation is guaranteed regardless.

I’m certain Feinstein will vote to approve him.


Coming out very far behind his announced time, poor djt’s whiny mouthpiece tried valiantly, reading from his script, to blame the press and the National Park Service for making it appear that more people came out today (and apparently he hasn’t looked beyond DC at that) than yesterday. Oh dear, we are actually going to have some fun!


Actually I agree. I recommend letting stay in there constantly shooting off his mouth and Twittering away. It will not take long for him to establish himself in the minds of the masses world wide as a full of himself fool who won’t be able to get anything he talks about done.

Soon even those who currently believe that .God chose Trump to be the National Savor and sent him from Heaven to clean up the national mees – even they, though they will struggle to avoid having it happen, is a prank history is playing on us, the nation not this blustering blabbermouth, is the joke that we are the butt of.


This is a sick man. Anything that doesn’t make him look good he attacks. Even a SNL skit. He as to claim he won by a landslide when he actually lost the popular vote. He has to quote meaningless Internet polls showing he won the debates when the real polls showed he lost the debates. He seems to be someone who has needed psychiatric help but probably because of his ego problems never sought it. Nixon was the only relatively recent president with pretty bad mental problems as he was extremely paranoid but Trump seems to have far more serious mental problems than that. When Hillary Clinton said Trump does not have the temperament to be president she clearly meant it and more people should have listened to her. That wasn’t empty talk to score political points. That was sincere.


It really isn’t just Trump who suspects maybe Main Stream Media is in need of purging. God knows we need to get back to honorable reporting of truth but first the BS, fake news and untruths might need to be puked, pooped and farted out of it. To borrow a few words from Joe Friday, “Just the facts ma’am.”


Looks like the Honeymoon is over!


Voldemort is back with his gathering cadre of death eaters.


Not right…in the head.

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Exactly. Nothing is more infantile than a left that thinks that fascists like Trump or Putin are allies because they criticize institutions that the left criticizes. Apparently the concept that Trump and Putin attacks on the media have nothing, whatsoever, to do with the left’s critique of the media - and instead are attacks on press freedom itself, is too complicated for many on the left to comprehend.


Trumps attacks on the media are attacks on press freedom itself. They have absolutely, positively, NOTHING to do with the left’s critique of the media.


Yes, and on CNN, when they talked about exactly that same thing, that Trump was upset that Tweets showed the Womens March/Protest was nearly twice the size of his Inauguration crowd, CNN reporter Dana Bash said with a big smile, “Well, he had better get used to this happening”, and immediately another guy there interrupted her and went to discussing something completely different. Dana had better start sending out resumes.


Trump also told the intelligence community crowd “I’m so behind you.” He’s behind all of us and we’re going to get the shaft.


Has it been four years yet? Trump time is at a crawl.


Jake Tapper had duty yesterday to put dear leader in a positive light. He characterized his inaugural as “pure populism”.

Wonder how long it will be before Trump appears on billboards and in giant murals, with official pronouncements from the Trump.

Anyone willing to hazard a guess?


Trumps attacks on the media are juvenile reactions from his easily bruised ego. VERY SAD!


Well Chicken, Trumps face is already showing up on ‘Bullseyes’. Why not on billboards? Although the billboard company will probably be out quite often to repair the billboards which most likely will be hit with balloons full of paint. Orange paint.