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On Fourth of July, Statue of Liberty Protesters Declare: "Abolish ICE"


On Fourth of July, Statue of Liberty Protesters Declare: "Abolish ICE"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Protesters taking a stand against the Trump administration's cruel and inhumane immigration and border policies were arrested at the Statue of Liberty in New York City on Wednesday, the Fourth of July—a potent and symbolic day to remind Americans of the essential role that those who emigrated and sought shelter in the United States have played in the nation's history.


Hurray for the protesters! True citizens and a great day to choose to do this – the 4th of July.


A good way to revive the tradition of the Fourth.


Frankly, I’m not so sure that abolishing ICE altogether is the way to go, but I do think that ICE could use a very serious overhaul that involved not only in alteration of their tactics, but in very extensive and intensive background checks and screenings of prospective members, plus either a Civilian Review Board or one or two Civilian overseers to hold ICE accountable, and the severe disciplining and/or permanent dismissal of ICE members who abuse their power.


Peaceful protest is as American as apple pie … which begs the question:
Why – especially on Independence Day – do so many Trumpettes lament that no physical harm came to the woman?

It’s noteworthy that tourists were unable to visit the symbol of liberty in America due to a protest about our government denying liberty to a bunch of children.


I’m sure these animals will listen to your messages on the signs you have. C’mon… Do something that will count, not the same old waste of time tactics that do nothing.


What this protest at the Statue of Liberty in its essence means is that American democracy is in its death throes…


I am sorry. But I look at the picture of these protestors and I get angry at their shallow resistance.

Where were they when the US was doing this before? Why are they only NOW protesting. As if separating children from their parents when detaining them, denying them rights, and then shipping them back to violence that will most likely cause their deaths is the problem not detaining them, denying them rights, and then shipping them back to violence that will most likely cause their deaths.

I see a bunch of manipulated, shallow, duopolists who think that resisting Trump is so righteous and that Trump is the problem and they were freakin’ asleep the eight years before and were most likely for freakin’ disgusting Hillary who said we need to ship these children back to violence to ‘teach them a lesson.’

I am disgusted. I am angry. I am sick and tired of real issues being played for politics and people only being outraged when the pundits and politicians point them to the thing they want them to be outraged by and then they aren’t anymore when they are pointed somewhere else.

Rise and Resist is NOT an organization against mistreatment of refugees and immigrants. It is NOT an organization dedicated to justice for the most marginalized among us. It only came into existence in 2016 after Trump won the presidency.

What makes me angry is that I’m sure the folk in the picture who protested are sincere and believe they really are doing the right thing. But they don’t seem to care at all about children actually being killed by the American system in Syria, Afganistan, Libya, Gaza, Yemen, and other places because that is not the cause du jour. This is only because they are letting themselves be manipulated.

Yet there are so many posters in these comments who reflect the same sickening and disgusting attitude that the problem is Trump.

Let me be clear. The problem is NOT Trump. He’s just the current puppet. Resisting him is not the solution. Resisting the real power is the solution and doing it no matter which party is behind these atrocities and whether the professional meme makers are flooding social media with it or not or the propaganda machine of the parties are waving it in front of us like the proverbial bloody shirt or not.

When are we going to wake up? When are we going to quit with the Us vs Them team games?

ICE should have been abolished years ago. Why the freak did the Dems keep it in power from 2006 to 2016 when they had either control of the Congress or the White House or even both for a time?

I know some here are going to be frustrated with me. Go ahead.

Open the Door. Make legal all the immigrants already here. Let all the refugees and immigrants being held at the border be released. End the waiting period for those who want in. Abolish ICE.

Sheesh. I’ve been saying this for years. You’d think I’d be happy others are somewhat joining me now. But let’s be clear, even if their goal is the same as mine, the people who got them riled up have only one goal: to get their team back in power. Then they’ll freakin’ drop all this.

If they get back in power, when they do and drop all this- PLEASE don’t go back to sleep. This isn’t about getting Trump to lose Congress, okay? If you get that you have’t won.

Does anyone understand what I’m trying to say?


I fear America’s propaganda apparatus is simply too powerful to deprogram a significant enough portion of the populace. Few Americans ever question what an authority figure tells them, so if someone in a suit on TV says Trump is the source of all evil, then that is never questioned.
No matter what goes wrong it is always some easily identified scapegoat’s fault.
Catchphrases and slogans have largely replaced political discourse, and the idea of “winning” has been conflated with voting for the winning team.


you actually ask why the dems kept ICE from 2006 til 2016 while they were in power ?? The duopoly is corrupt. Both parties are totally evil. Stop voting for hope and change. If you vote D or R you deserve this mess.

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One step further I’d go. As Bernie stated, Homeland Security was established , and set up ICE. What Bernie didn’t say, was anything about abolishing DHS.
Abolish Homeland Security. DHS abuses Americans and foreign entities alike. We were better off without them.


I’m finding that true in all the countries I visit.


They are waiting your counsel oh brave revolutionary. Please don’t bite your tongue any longer, for the fate of everything good rests upon the word, TheTruth currently withheld. Their acts mean nothing in comparison. Nothing.


See the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay’s offer to absolve America of its guilt as the Kidnap Nation. Abdul Qadir and his Muslim friends will take and embrace ALL the kidnapped children imprisoned in America for as long as it takes to return them to their parents–at NO COST to the USAn government or taxpayers. He will take on the onerous burden of our guilt for the cruel and inhumane immigration and border policies and release us from the terrible punishment that awaits us in the end. Our crime stinks to high Heaven.


Trump IS part of the problem. Ifvwe dont stop him and the masters behind him, anything can happen… like taking your kids… if u have any.


My councel? It shiuld be all too obvious what people need to do. This lame attempt of resistance is pathetic. What will you do if they come for you? Get on the train?