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On Freedom of Speech and the Revenge of Individual 1

On Freedom of Speech and the Revenge of Individual 1

Ever fittingly, the Trump regime marked International Women's Day by honoring 10 Women of Courage who conspicuously did not include Jessikka Aro, a renowned Finnish investigative journalist who has faced death threats for her work exposing the Russian propaganda machine, was notified she'd won the award, and was then told oops, "regrettable error" after State Dept. snoops checked her social media and found many slams of our thin-skinned leader - a sequence of events she called "deeply disturbing." Welcome to our world.


Dear White House:
Let me explain this: you see if you make a mistake—just live with it. Because really, you seem to make mistakes and then make even bigger ones clawing back one mistake after another. If you had actually read her stuff, you would have known how she felt. So–awarding and then clawing back the award is backwards and really, really childish( apologies to children because adults being childish is the worst) . However, the clawback work is unbelievably powerful— for Jessikka!
Many of us might never have known of Jessikka Aro------ without your pettiness.
THANKS, She’s great. : )


This churlish and petty display has to remind me of the Iowa Republican legislators, who refused to recognize the Storm Lake, Iowa, Times, for the accomplishment of winning the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing. Not a peep of recognition from the Iowa Republicans.

Not to worry, as the national Senate in Ireland publicly and officially recognized the Storm Lake Times for its achievement, as the Cullens who won the award have Irish roots, in County Kilkenny.

Journalist Jessikka Aro deserves much better recognition than the Trump administration can offer. The Nobel Prize, perhaps.


Ms Aro, Thank You.

More Please…


On the bright side, by not appearing on stage or anywhere near Trump, Aro avoided having the pussy-grabber-in-chief lunge for her lady parts.


Do we really need another journalist adding impetus to the “Russian interference in 2016” bandwagon of innuendo, misrepresentation and half truths?

What we could do without are journalists leading protests against talks between the leaders of two nuclear armed super powers.("Outside her work, Aro remains an activist: She helped organize a protest in Helsinki around the time of the 2018 [summit] )

She may be a hero to some, Hillary included no doubt, but to sane people she’s a warmongering nuisance. And we have plenty of those in journalism without encouraging more.


I oppose calling t, “individual 1.” He is a a mere phantom, a reflection, a pretense or as Ms. Zimet says, “a petty, thin-skinned sociopath,” a papier-mâché “man” masquerading as the leader. A disrupter and destroyer: crude, coarse, cruel and ignorant. His proper place is on the ash heap of history.

“…petty, vengeful, thin-skinned sociopath.”

And the leader of the so-called free world. Ugh. Too surrealistic for words.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Russian government which is does it respect basic human rights, tinterferes with elections in various democracies around the world in support of right-wing neofascists through its troll farms, notably Europe and North America. Maybe you should trust a journalist who lives just a couple hour’s drive away from St. Petersburg rather than tin-foil hat kooks (some of them Russian fronts) in the insular and misinformed USA an ocean and a continent away.

Why has the US so-called anti -mperialist" left abandoned democracy and human rights?

You are being disingenuous if you suppose that this has anything to do with human rights. This is propaganda designed to sustain the lie that the Russian state interfered in the US elections of 2016 and, indeed, in the EU referendum in the UK. Lies which only serve the interests of the Establishments which infllict neo-liberal economic and social policies on populations which will no longer tolerate them.
As to the idea that protesting against direct talks between Trump and Putin is part of a human rights campaign that too is nonsense. This woman has lent herself to the worst elements in the campaign in the US to maintain the permanent arms economy, to initiate a new cold war and to maintain the Democrats’ trend away from the New Deal towards permanent international tension.
To characterise those who question the DNC story that wikileaks and Putin combined, in support of Trump(!), to defeat the odious and incompetent Clinton campaign by leaking details of its illegal and immoral abuse of the primary process and its corrupt relationship with the media, as ‘tin foil’ kooks is to label yourself a DNC bot.


Can you provide the proof for these troll farms?
Google has reported about 4000 dollars worth of ads placed strategically (as testified by google CEO) and less than ten people overall blogging for nine months on very limited exposure.

Aro was rightfully ignored.

giving a Bangladeshi woman an award after three male atheist journalists were killed there may also have been the right thing to do.

Aro aside, why would anyone want to be pictured with Pompous Pompeo, who positions himself smack in the center of the photo, since these awards are, after all, all about him. What a piece of pork…

Ms. Jessikka Aro, who lives right next door to Russia, is providing proof of the Russian Troll farms - they threatened her life for exposing them!

The insular, ignorant, US-centrism of the US-left is hilarious - this has nothing to do with the US or the Democratic party - Ms Aro reports on Finnish and European affairs.

The way the US non-anarchist left have abandoned human rights is fucking vile.

I love the “Kremlin connected” angle. It is meaningless. Or it would be if we had not lived through decades of McCarthyism, Unamerican ism, Jin Crowism and other traditions of smearing and economising with the truth. Is there any connection at all between the alleged threats received by this woman and the Russian state? None. There is no evidence of any and so we can assume that there is none since every effort isbeing made to suggest that there is.
As to “US centrism” the ‘honour’ was to be given to her by a US institution, it was withdrawn by the same, the summit in Helsinki involved the US President.
All over the world there are journalists on the US payroll or auditioning to get there by re-cycling US propaganda and doing the bidding of the Cold Warriors under whom they have enlisted.
You are an apologist for warmongers and the corporate masters of the DNC.

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They 'the rump regime" probably first saw her picture and thought “oh yeah, blond haired blue eyed Scandinavian! We need to give her an award!” Then they finally actually read something she wrote.

Maybe you should learn basic spelling and syntax before you post.

How Nice, all the Trolls showed up to refute the existence of Trolls

But of Course, Facebook has no Trolls, definitely none that are Government Sponsored

Evidently Convictions mean nothing unless one is the individual Convicted

I recall when Miz Palin, who lived right next door to Russia had important things to say. Russian propaganda is of the tiniest importance when some of us live beneath the largest propaganda machine in history.
US mainstream media work hand in hand with the White House, intelligence agencies and technology companies to put out lies that unfortunately you have swallowed. Hook, line and sinker.