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On 'Front Lines of Climate Change,' Baltimore Lawsuit Aims to Hold 26 Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable

On 'Front Lines of Climate Change,' Baltimore Lawsuit Aims to Hold 26 Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Baltimore, Maryland on Friday became the latest city to file suit against major oil and gas companies, aiming to hold them accountable for the "potentially catastrophic" damage that the global climate crisis—which is largely the result of burning fossil fuels—is increasingly inflicting on coastal communities the world over.

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What a crock of horse pucky. What about all the people that used the fuel, aren’t they responsible?

So, if someone sold you oatmeal with rat poison and didn’t bother to tell you, who would you sue? That’s what the oil companies did.

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They (oil, coal and nuclear companies) knew as early as 1973 that oil, coal and nuclear would heat the atmosphere and they hid the info… That’s collusion.

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Each plant warms millions of gallons of water every day and the process to mine the uranium is also just another heat machine. Once turned on they require that water to keep the fuel cool even if the plant isn’t producing electricity. It won’t make a difference that I wrote this though because you’ll just try to say it doesn’t matter because those industries have convinced you otherwise. That’s not science but they have convinced most of their ‘thuthiness’.
Oh yeah, please explain how oil and coal ‘don’t’ warm the atmosphere.

The carbon footprint of nuclear power is about the same as wind and solar. Making wind turbines and solar cells and supporting equipment has CO2 emissions too. But all of these (wind, solar, nuclear) emit only a tiny fraction of the CO2 produced from fossil fuel electric power. All of them have a role in a post-carbon future.

Similar lawsuits in California and New York have already been dismissed. I really think a different tactic is needed. Oil companies are not at fault - they are simply meeting a demand. They would be closer to the target by suing car manufacturers instead. Or, better yet, re-engineer our transportation infrastructure so that cars are not needed at all except for certain exceptional situations. Yeah, in god-awful, freeway clogged car-madness of the DC/Baltimore area, this is going to be a major challenge.

Pollute and rake in the billions while being immune to the consequences. American capitalism in a nutshell. Bleed those suckers dry until death.

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Let me explain first that I was WRONG in my interpretation of what you said, I do respectfully apologize. I got onto a tangent which suggests to me that I was rambling too late at night. By what you’ve said we are actually, very much on the same page. Some these atmospheric processes I do understand a bit. I didn’t mean to sound harsh at any point and I want in the future to act in response rather than reaction, OK? Have a good evening, truly.

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“Just target” fossil fuels . . . ?

The oil industry knew and campaigned to lie to the public – to the world’s citizens – about Global Warming and the damage it would do.

They well knew the model for Global Warming, how it would work.

There were a few who asked about pollution and damage to the planet – but they knew that no one could be held financially responsible.

What was our planet worth to us – presumably a $$$$$$$ must be pasted on it.

ExxonMobil, BP, Shell and a few others ran a $50 BILLION dollar campaign over 50 years – 50 years – to LIE to the American public.

It’s all there – they knew.

And, likely, it was one of the reasons for the JFK assassination … an honest man had come to town and wanted to tell us about the “alien presence” and the damage being done to our planet by pollution, by atomic bombs being dropped and by weapons’ testing.

How about domestication of animals – billions killed every year based in a LIE that humans need to eat animals to be healthy!

Same kind of lies which has harmed generations of children who have not been breast fed because Elites recognized the power of breastfeeding and the link with the mother – and the value of it to the child. They long knew they needed to create harm in order to create profits. Too much to believe at that time? Is it still to much to believe that the greedy among us – the money worshipers – will kill us for a dime?

Illness creates profits – just look at our world today of newly created diseases due to pollution of the planet.

Vaccines – what are they doing to your children?
We have a new generation of children effected by Autism which parallels Schizophrenia in the harm done to the brain.


This filthy concept has actually destroyed the “Herd Immunity” that Americans had based in our all being exposed to childhood diseases and recovering from them and thereby gaining true lifelong immunity.

Let’s also remember that the Native American here were severely impacted because they had NO immunity to those diseases the invaders brought with them – because they were a healthier people without those diseases.

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Paul –


And their campaign came under attack about 15 years ago by the Royal Academy of Science which called for them to STOP.

The actual campaign began at least by the 1960’s – but likely by 1957 when the Model of Global Warming was introduced to the public.

American scientists also recognized immediately the harm being done by the 1880’s by the Industrial Revolution.

American corporations also argued that they knew nothing about tobacco creating cancer. They’ve lied all along about the harmful effects of pollution on our planet – from RoundUp to nuclear rain/nuclear fall out.

The public will no longer support capitalism or the lies of capitalists to fill their own pockets with dollars.

Corporate-fascism is the problem and it’s never too late for the public to rise up against it. This is one way to do – there are many other ways.

Paul –

You might notice that it is YOU being ignored –

Tell us all how a MOTHER passes on the alleged immunities to childhood diseases that she received allegedly from vaccines?

Modern medicine and pollution of the planet have done nothing but make populations sick – for profit.

Paul –

You repeatedly make clear that you are totally ill-equipped to even lie about the subject you’re here to lie about - and nothing makes that clearer than this piece of nonsense …

"Vaccines are devices that are used to treat biological threats to the human body. Passing on alleged immunities is genetics, which is completely different from the sole purpose of vaccines.

You don’t pass on immunities to disease unless that disease is heredity, hence the entire reason we have childhood vaccinations. If someone is claiming that a vaccination’s effects can pass onto their offspring they are claiming that vaccinations can alter your genes, which is not correct. If your mother is passing a “cure” so to speak for a disease onto you that simply means that your genetic chromosomal coding does not contain traits that are likely to form the disease in the first place."

And, at the end, you aren’t even equipped to educate yourself on the subject being discussed.

What you’ve written is SHOCKING in your lack of understanding of what vaccines allegedly do – and in your lack of understanding of lifelong immunity provided by NATURE to childhood diseases – and of the immunities passed on to children from parents – i.e., via breast feeding.

Bye –

Paul –

You don’t even know that there is documentation – evidence – which proves that the oil industry KNEW the harmful effects of Global Warming 40 and more years ago?