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On Garrisoning the Planet


On Garrisoning the Planet

Chalmers Johnson, Tom Engelhardt

[Note for TomDispatch Readers: Every now and then, in the quieter days of summer, it feels good and appropriate to feature old friends no longer with us. In that spirit, TomDispatch recently offered an excerpt from Mirrors, the idiosyncratic, late-in-life masterwork of world history by Eduardo Galeano, who died this April.


“We operate numerous secret bases outside our territory to monitor what the people of the world, including our own citizens, are saying, faxing, or e-mailing to one another.”

A statement of this nature using that all-inclusive WE pronoun to fuse civilians into life-committed warriors is schizophrenic in that one cannot both be part of the spying apparatus and also the target of its spying.

There are those who DO those things and those who are DONE unto; and since so many of these operations ARE secret and kept out of the public eye, it’s disingenuous to use the absence of transparency and Democratic process to then condemn The People for those very things, things that are signatures of Inverted Totalitarianism and/or favored fascist protocols. In other words, they are actions that devoid of public review, critique, or agency.


I am aware that since Johnson wrote this piece some of the bases in Germany have been eliminated, although a small tank division around the town of Schönsee in the Bavarian Oberpfalz near the Czech border, as far as I know since seeing it last year, is still operational. This, despite the fact the old socialist Czechoslovakian entity, a Commie Republic of the USSR, no longer exists, and the base should be “relocated” to some point along the Dnepr River, in the western/central section of what was once Ukrania and is now a part of the WUCO (World Union of Capitalist Oligarchies), to protect its population from being overrun by Russki barbarians. I guess that such US Government paid for rearrangements are becoming more difficult for a blessed by god politically, socially, and financially bankrupt leader of the aforementioned WUCO. And I have a first hand testament that the Germans really don’t want to contribute any more to covering the costs of such an exercise in futility or to tossing good money into a black hole when it could be given to ease the usurious debt that the so-called EU (but US controlled) Troika has saddled their Greek comrades with.

I might also have commented on SR’s obsession with the word WE - They Might Be Giants could really do a job on this one - but on second thought I said to myself, why the f**k bother.