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On Global Effort to Protect Migrants and Refugees, US Says, "We're Out!"


On Global Effort to Protect Migrants and Refugees, US Says, "We're Out!"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

United Nations declaration committing to rights "is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty," says Ambassador Nikki Haley


“is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty” or pretending to be civilized society.


Obama, whose administration also detained child immigrants, called the refugee crisis “a test of our common humanity—whether we give in to suspicion and fear and build walls,” later adding, “I believe history will judge us harshly if we do not rise to this moment.”

That’s rich, coming from the guy who destroyed Libya.


Actually, the U.S. has been fairly tolerant in terms of migration and refugee status when compared to other countries. Abuses are the result of a system that no longer addresses some the issues that impact societies. This action by the U.S. is a mistake.


Those who believe in the “mythical” Obama will love this. He can do nothing wrong. In some ways these folks are no different than those who back Roy Moore. Obama served his constituency well and they were not the average American people.


Hope Nicky Haley goes down with the sinking stinking Trumparty ship. But don’t be surprised if she runs for Prez.


And her parents are immigrants that emigrated from India. Haley is just another DJT mouthpiece and Trump Trash Tribe member. No heart, no soul, no sense…making her the perfect “employee.” Just another skirt for DJT to reach under.


The U.S. creates them, then the U.S. shuns them. Krystian country? Puh-leeze!


Just because we have the right ti create them and do, doesn’t give them the right to rights.


Wouldn’t that guy be Qaddafi? Give the Libyan some credit.


Me thinks the ‘comet’ doth fly closer to human dignity than doth Hegemon Harpie Haley.

Sad, bad and dildo-ish - purrfekt for the ongoing tainted tango traipsed through with Trump

The scope of the necessities of communities to bust through the rhetoric of hegemonic hubris is fast approaching flint spark status. The trump twits have been stocking tinder-founded narratives and coaxing flash points like a cabal of arsonists. Be of sound heart and mind, generous in mutuality among communities and wise in long-term thinking - these traits have provided ballast for human dignity throughout the ages. Bedrock for weathering the Trump $#!t storms.


And WHO pray tell creates the most refugee migrations in the WORLD?

Making America great at something


I may yet live long enough to see the USA relegated to a corrupt pverty-striken plutocracy, treated as a pariah by the rest of the world …like, say, Honduras, but with 35 times the population - but declining fast as people try to get out… Even magnanimous Canada might have to build a wall…