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On Good Guys and Bad Guys


On Good Guys and Bad Guys

Robert Jensen

If we want to end men’s violence against women we have to acknowledge the effects of patriarchal socialization, and such critical self-reflection is rarely a pleasant task, individually or collectively.


To the best of my observation, rape is the act of cowardice of those fearful of intimacy. The “he-man” narrative is largely to blame. To be truly strong is to embrace intimacy and vulnerability–not to “spike the ball”, as it were.


Well. I’m glad we started Monday off on such an easily solved problem. Wow- " Money changes everything " has never been more accurate, here.
The article starts out sounding and resembling ( from the photo ) a lot like something from Chris Hedges, with the sleaziest looking porn shop in America as the focus. Hmmm… This is where all the real trouble lies, of course. Yet, the offenders listed as monsters and sexual predators are in boardrooms, mansions, casinos and other power centers. And, our President’ s friends run legal houses ( resorts ) of prostitution. Known and unknown, many times.
When sex workers in Canada and our nation’s capitol tell police officials to let them go about their legal business without harassment, and radical feminists want to shut them down as well, larger patriarchal abuse is a jumbled up mess. Maybe the photo to the article should be that of a dictionary and a bunch of law books. Certainly in America that’s the starting and finishing line, usually.


I’m not sure I understand what the author is ultimately advocating for? All men reading a book on radical feminist theory? Banning sex shops? More stories in the media that mention that women are often at a disadvantage in the corporate world (and elsewhere)?

I share the author’s desire to reduce the problem of sexual violence (as well as all violence), but I am not too quick to dismiss problem management. If some people are deterred from doing bad because of potential punishment then I want that threat of punishment in place. Shooting for Nirvana sounds great on this and many other problems (world peace, healthy environment,…) But until we get there Ill take some good management along the way.


Interesting points. If you define sexual violence as a problem behavior, punishment for that behavior will reduce or stop the behavior but can have unintended consequences. Sometimes the person learns to avoid the punishment but doesn’t really change the behavior. There has to be a new behavior that is functional. You don’t find this in matriarchy and I think this is where the author has a good point that sexual violence has become a cultural norm. The end result of subjugation.


Thank you Robert Jensen for starting the discission. There is much more to be said, of course.

Not just rape, but also touching. I appreciated Adam Sandler for bringing this up by repeatedly putting his hand on a woman’s thigh during a talk show. But also jokes, demeaning remarks. And more.