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On Grim Anniversary of Khashoggi Murder, Activists Project Slain Saudi's Image From Coast to Coast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/grim-anniversary-khashoggi-murder-activists-project-slain-saudis-image-coast-coast


During the 2016 Fuhrer Trump said correctly that the Saudis were behind 9/11 and should be punished.
Too bad that as soon as he was president, Trump got in bed with the Saudis, stroked their “magical orb,” and is protecting the murderous MBS from prosecution for what he did to Khashoggi and many others.



A documentary has been released entitled “the kingdom of silence”.



For several billions of $$$$$$$$ in warfare purchases, all presidents would get in bed with the Saudi’s! Trump is not an exception; Trump is the normal.

If that is the same one as I watched last night it was academy well done. I couldn’t tear myself away. If we weren’t pissed off before, we should be after watching his story.
Trump would love to have us let him be a Putin or an MBS.

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drumpf, like mbs, is not normal by any stretch of the imagination, military complex or otherwi$e. While drumpf should have been sent to an insane asylum for criminals, he was sent to the White House where he turned the White House into an asylum for the criminally insane.

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Now there is a great description of an American illness.

I agree. When I said all presidents are normal, I was referring to the MIC, not DELERIUM TREMORS mental state.

No, but I am. :wink:

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