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On Hostage Takers and the Budget Deal


On Hostage Takers and the Budget Deal

Nancy Altman

Last night, the Republican leadership agreed to release their hostages: the need to raise the debt limit, the need to keep the government operating, and the need to ensure that all Social Security benefits can continue to be paid in full and on time beyond 2016.

When hostage takers release their hostages, we are, of course, relieved that the hostages are no longer in harm’s way, but this is nothing to celebrate. That the ransom isn’t steeper is also not something to celebrate.


A logistical tactic used by the 1% is to continue to fight the same case over and over again until the opposition is worn down largely on the basis of lacking the funds to keep paying attorneys to keep the "ball in the air."

The 1% works in alliance with Conservative Christians and fundamentalists because the latter is trained to obey father figures or those in positions of authority--like the military.

The 1% throws bones to this group largely in the form of well-orchestrated, endless attacks on women's (reproductive) rights. It also makes poor working white males feel an ego boost in the company of those who show disdain for minorities. Those at the bottom of our financially hierarchical land want to feel superior to someone else.

Note how the 1% is going after Net Neutrality. Again.

Note how it's going after Black citizens' voting rights.

Note how it's closing public schools.

Note how it's using property rights to invade public lands and leave them poisoned.

Note how it makes sure that cuts to Social Security are never mentioned in comparison with the ridiculous $108,000 income cap; or discussed relative to corporate tax breaks or the kind of funds LOST by the Pentagon and its martial associates.

These bastards are not done with Social Security--on the "operating table;" and by positioning the moral equivalent of a serial killer (Paul Ryan) into a strategic position, it's clear that they will be doing what they can to destroy the patient so that s/he never can call out for future benefits.