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On 'Hottest Day in History of France,' World Told 'Do Not Look Away' as Police Tear-Gas Climate Campaigners

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/hottest-day-history-france-world-told-do-not-look-away-police-tear-gas-climate


Do you hear the people sing?
It is the beating of the Sun.
Either that or of the merchants-of-doom’s mercenaries.


I guess Macron’s goons think it’s a Chinese hoax too, just like the Orange Monstrosity.


This just about sums it up perfectly:


Even splitting the difference between Michael Mann and Guy McPherson (who I’m not a particular fan of) the prospect for civilization even within a few decades is very dark.

The IPCC reports are weighted heavily against the latest research as a “consensus” is required and that consensus will always be steered by the most conservative scientists that have an eye on mainstream acceptability for various reasons.

The rate of permafrost (no longer permanent cluck cluck cluck) melt in the Arctic is accelerating. The melt in Greenland noted (not only evidenced by the video that went viral) several days ago is accelerating…all feedback loops NOT accounted for in IPCC forecasts are accelerating “positively”.

Essentially many of the things being observed today across the globe have already outpaced some of the most dire predictions of the IPCC.

We are clucked.


Just in case no one was paying attention, the fascists have decided that global warming doesn’t exist.
However, when the wheels come off the cart in about five years, and the weather just goes absolutely batshit crazy, they will then seize the opportunity in the midst of chaos.
That’s right kiddies. As human civilization deteriorates in the midst of the coming global weather apocalypse, we will all get to die under the flag of a worldwide fascist order. You will learn to love Big Brother. Although it will be an unrequited love, delivered from an underground bunker while eating cat food out of a can.
Res Ipsa loquitar. Let the good times roll!


What you state is not, I repeat (not for you) not hyperbolic.


This is only the beginning of Climate Change Wars! The worst is yet to come with droughts, crop failure, fires, floods, mega storms and protests which need to grow larger and more frequent. This is Survival! What are the Police gonna do if there were a million pissed off people? Tear Gas all of them? Nope. Hope the Cops were sweating their balls off…


Please go to the link…on the right hand side you will see the months listed…read the postings from January forward to today…thanks you.

Macron needs to go - obviously.

But where in all this is Yanis Varoufakis, whom I had some hope for ?

And yet again - Greta Thundberg hits the nail right on the head:

"Watch this video and ask yourself; who is defending who?"


When preparing for a catastrophe, do you prepare for the 5 year flood or the 500 year flood? I’m not sure why you are not a fan of Guy McPherson, as he may be the only one speaking the truth. The number of positive feedback loops that are not being taken into account by most of the models is shocking and the vast majority of the political establishment is sticking their collective tongues up our asses. I’ve been seeing firsthand what has been happenning in the far north, and I am glad I have no kids or grandkids to mourn for. Splitting the difference is what MSNBC does. There is a real truth that is not the middle ground.


I’ve been reading these scientists words for years, ever since many of the same ones were posting on the Arctic Methane Emergency Group before their last posting which was dire immenint death by catastrophic climate collapse. Or Chaos, or Destabilization or any other extremely dire label you want to paste over it.

Climate ‘change’ it ain’t.

Somewhere in my document file is their last report from years ago. If anybody is interested in reading it reply and I’ll try to dig it out. I’ve got SO MUCH science that it really will take a bit of digging. And what they were saying them has continued to walk right down the line of their predictions. I don’t remember what year they closed AMEG down. Anybody? It would help to find the last article…

Psychedelic Chicken: McPherson may not be liked because his Near Term Human Extinction viewpoint (cognitive dissonance is real in our species), and the ‘mainstream acceptable’ crowd of academics don’t want to lose their privileges and status and cash flow by saying what they really think, but he’s a lot closer to what is happening and what’s coming than any of the latter I’m afraid.

Cops have almost never been on the ‘correct’ side but they’ve always been on the ‘right’ if you get my drift. They’ve been the face of the enemy my entire life and those that use them to keep their power and control and riches flowing in are the ones people should be…ummm, in their faces over this to put it bluntly. Having watched cops laugh as they beat us anti-war protesters teaches you something about power. Nothing ever really seems to change, ya know? Not fundamentally, just the trappings and clothes of identity politics as a sop for real change.



Pigs be pigs no matter what country. To Serve And Protect corporate interests at all costs and no matter how immoral. Unfortunately, karma, in this case, means the cops’ kids and grandkids will be breathing air about as clean as the gas they are using on the protesters. Cops are always on the wrong side of history.


These bastard cops should be put to death without a single exception or the slightest hesitation. As it stands, they work to insure the death of the entire human species - if they are considered anything less than public enemy number one, then we as a species have welcomed our own extinction by failing to forcefully defend ourselves from those who would oversee our destruction. Far worse than Hitler, or any other tyrant, these violent and unimagineably stupid followers of the right are enacting the largest case of genocide in the history mankind - the genocide of most lifeforms on earth including our own.


Actually, it is Macron who is trying to do something (albeit less than sufficnient) about climate change. It is the neofascists opposing hiom who oppose any action. France already has a big surplus capacity of CO2 free nuclear power - but the “yellow vests” are opposed to transitioning to the kind of transportation that could take advantage of all that fossil fuel free power.

Thanks Ditton…I frequent that site. I think there is much validity to that publication and the research cited.

I appreciate Guy McPherson but am not a fan of Guy McPherson. Just like I can appreciate the talent of country music singers but not be a fan of country music.

His constant repetition of his personal story, the angst he holds…by the way which now even extends to the organizers of ER, along with his barely concealed zeal for what is to come is frankly a big turn off.

Does he have his place? Does he speak a LOT of truth regarding the existing science? Hell yes.

I respect him for a lot of what he does in regard to presenting a comprehensive analysis of so much of the research that is ignored by the IPCC…but, I’m not a fan.

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I agree completely…I frequent Arctic News website. Very aware of the feedback loops and have been doing my best to educate my friends and family on what they never hear on the news. The already affected Polar Vortex and the resulting major changes in climate/weather events should be shocking to everyone. We are in dire straits there is no doubt.

I think I wasn’t very clear…I think Guy McPherson is right about the science generally that we are facing a combination of accelerating feedback loops that as you say don’t even get counted in the IPCC reports.

But I have a difficult time with what seems like wanting the worst to happen. This could very well be my own personal bias as to how he triggers me. But I’m glad he’s doing what he is doing, rather than him not being around.

Hope that clarifies.

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How come the cheese-eating surrender-monkeys want the species to survive the century more than do Americans? We surrendered to oil long ago.