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On Idiot Warmongers


On Idiot Warmongers

Big oops for the infamous letter to Iran by our jingoist Gang of 47, which is being savaged across the country. Scores of news editorials have blasted it as a shameful, foolish, bizarre etc etc abomination; a White House petition seeking to prosecute its clown perpetrators has collected 250,000 signatures; and a flurry of furiously trending hashtags - UniteBlue, 47Traitors, GOPWantsWar - suggests a country done with defense contractors and their plunder.


Apparently this is the brainchild of freshman Senator Cotton, an Arkansas razorback. Another Harvard Republican, friend of Bill Kristol, full of ambition, establishing his wacko creds for the base.


I think that we’d all love to see the signatories to that letter face some legal reprisals for their foolishness.

However, given the current fascist makeup of the federal judiciary, we also know that such an effort would go nowhere.

Fun idea, though. :smile:



This is what happens when an uninformed electorate continues to send rank amatures to run the govt. Unfortunately, this is a problem in our society from the top down. The amatures are in charge. How many have a boss who is a complete idiot who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground? I have had many jobs during my life time and maybe two of them were run by people of competence. I once lived in DC and I know from personal experience most of our elected officials are morons who are front men and shills for special interests…much like George Bush II.


Why was it necessary here to repeat the trope of a “possibly nuclear Iran?” It isn’t casually incidental to the discussion, it is fundamental. We should be able to do better here.


"Woman in the kitchen
Man in the palace
Worshiping the performance
Of the phallus
Gaming for power’
Till their hearts grow callous
As if a human is
Just an animal with malice
Limp lanced phallocrat
Finger on the trigger
Go ahead and stay small
while everything gets bigger
It’s a bullies game and
I don’t want to play
Why don’t you think about
A better way?
Bruce Cockburn


“The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars – must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” Strength To Love, 1963

I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran (Combat Intelligence NCO assigned to Battalion Scouts) and have come to understand that War Profiteering is the existential threat to ALL HUMANITY.

“War is a Racket!” according to USMC General Smedley Butler ~ recipient of two Medals of Honor!

OCCUPY the elitist foreign policy establishment with the following questions: WHO SACRIFICES and WHO PAYS; and where are the sanctions for those officials (elected and/or appointed) who create and implement CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and PEACE?

Treasure Life & Semper Fidelis,

David DeChant
Jarhead Clan


Mere distractions while Obama and both wings of the one party oligarchy continue to wage illegal/immoral wars on several fronts, slaughter innocent men, women and CHILDREN and consolidate power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands…

Veterans For Peace


"Foolishness’? It is TREASON!


The interesting thing about true narcissistic arrogance is that eventually you go too far…


As much as domestic media may limit its criticisms of this letter to humorous ridicule, it’s no laughing matter and the fact is that it’s done significant and, in the short term (and possibly the long term as well), irreparable damage to the US (and maybe to US security as a secondary consequence). This is in part because it’s demonstrated very clearly to the whole world that the President of Iran has a better understanding of the US constitution and of international law than do nearly half of the elected members of the upper chamber of the US congress. This should be a cause for national shame and embarrassment and for immediate remedial steps to be taken to begin the long process of trying to do some repairs to this damage. That these 47 senators are unlikely to suffer any serious consequences for their outrageous behavior also tells the world that our system of government is broken and in need of repair (suggest that to millions of Americans and they’ll respond that such a proposition is treasonous because the U.S. system of government is the best there is). But, in addition, it has shown to our allies (some of whom are among potential signatories to any treaty with Iran) that we are essentially an unstable and unreliable partner in international negotiations. This kind of damage will manifest for a long time to come in greater resistance by our allies to get involved with us in often-critically-important efforts on the world stage. We are thus left more isolated and alone than we were before this ridiculous letter were made public. For anyone who loves the U.S., this kind of repeated deliberate dismembering of the best of our traditions and institutions is an unfolding tragedy. If we are unable to govern ourselves with even a semblance of dignity or pride (and there’s increasing evidence of this almost every month), we may to look at some otherwise radical solutions.


Good old “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,” sung to the tune of “Barbara Ann” by the Beach boys McCain. You can’t make this stuff up.


Republican intervention to scuttle foreign policy advances under a Democratic administration is hardly unprecedented; it is part of a longstanding pattern of behavior. This is simply more overt than usual.

Richard Nixon’s scuttling of peace talks with North Vietnam in 1968 while still only a presidential candidate comes to mind, as does the Reagan campaign’s undermining of the Carter administration’s negotiations to get American hostages released by revolutionary Iran in 1980.


Reading Gareth Porter’s article about how the letter was generated makes it clear, as it always has been, that Israel controls Congress when it comes to any issues involving Israel. Such issues extend to virtually all actions by Congress involving countries surrounding Israel. The writer could argue that it is not necessary to mention the Israel-Congress relationship but it is discouraging that she shies away from the matter in this most egregious instance, and places the blame on the defense industry profiteers. Certainly, they benefit from wars and war scares, but that should not be the story here.

A great deal is made of the Republicans seeking to negotiate or influence Iran negotiations, but this has been going on with Israel since at least the end of World War II, and has only gotten worse.

For goodness sake, say it. Few really deny Israel’s excessive influence on our legislators, so say it because such dealings have been and will continue to be threats to peace.

Gareth Porter in his article makes the case clearly. Walt and Mearsheimer have made it clearly. So just say it. The Republicans signed the letter because Israel supporters asked them to. It may be painful, but political writers and commentators need to keep steering around the issue. It’s not healthy for anyone, including the Israelis.


It says a lot, Cotton from Clinton’s Arkansas and Schock From Rodham Clinton’s Illinois! Then there’s Cruz from Shrub’s Texas! The contamination runs deep in both of the corporate parties!