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On Independence Day, Celebrate the True Patriots


On Independence Day, Celebrate the True Patriots

Deena Guzder

As the nation marks this Independence day with traditional fanfare—hot dogs, flag-waving, and fireworks—one small community in Taos, New Mexico takes a very different approach. Here in the quaint village of Arroyo Seco, the community honors those who have spoken out against government overreach and abuse, suggesting true patriotism is about improving one's country rather than blindly singing its praises. The colorful parade is full of signs that read, "in gratitude for activists, whistleblowers, and muckrackers" and "Whistleblowers are our heroes."


The true patriots are people like Chelsea Manning, Ed Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald. I’d include Julian Assange, but he’s Australian. They deserve our thanks, not a prison cell.


Great idea for a 4th of July parade and celebration. Now it should spread into all the other states as well.

Hot dog eating contests are getting a bit tiresome, so are fireworks among great heat, droughts and forest fires. A great number have not got a clue what they are celebrating anyway as long as the hamburgers are grilled, beer and wine is consumed waiting for the fireworks.


Seeing how Frenchman Lafayette is considered as much an American Revolution era patriot as much as the founding fathers, Australian Assange qualifies as a patriot today.

The British considered signing the declaration of independence a capital offense and the British army destroyed the farms of many of the signers and killed a few, so the signers closely resemble Manning, Snowden and their ilk, while Obama, most congresscritters and their corporate paymasters are at least as tyrannical as the British were.