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On Inglorious Vegetables


On Inglorious Vegetables

Eat Your Wonky Vegetables Dept: Those rows of glossy, flawless apples at the store come at a grim cost: The U.S. and other rich fussy countries waste up to 40% of their food, tossing out a staggering 1.3 billion tons of food that emits 3 billion tons of greenhouse gases once it's dumped in landfills. Cue sensible new campaigns to discount produce that's "naturally imperfect" - much like the rest of us - creating a win for farmers, consumers, the planet and the feelings of uncomely vegetables alike.


Most of the food waste is dumped in landfills, where it decomposes and releases over 3 billion tons of methane, a greenhouse gas.

While we can argue over the question of what to do with that methane gas, the important point is that decomposing vegetable matter is a very good fertilizer which we should be using instead of the petroleum-based poison that the corporate world pushes on us.


PS Good headline on this one.