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On International Women's Day, Women Across Spain Stop All Work in 'Feminist Strike'

On International Women's Day, Women Across Spain Stop All Work in 'Feminist Strike'

Julia Conley, staff writer

With International Women's Day events and protests planned around the world, Spanish women took the bold step on Thursday of staging a nationwide "Feminist Strike" under the rallying call, "If we stop, the world stops."

"We call for rebellion and a struggle against the alliance of the patriarchy and capitalism that wants us to be obedient, submissive and quiet."—March 8 Commission

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A big right on to the young man under the “O” on the sign. Way to support a more just and equal world. I’m with you, and more importantly the cause, in spirit.

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To the women of Spain: Bravo! I salute you!

If only Las mujeres americanas would have the solidarity to do such a thing!

They don’t have the “cajones”…

Women have always had the power, I’m glad so many are reconnecting with it. Enjoy your celebration and a better world. Cheers.

In some Native American cultures, it is the women who stand and protest first, and the men who then follow.

Brains leading the muscle, as we all know women are smarter than men.

All of these amazing females deserve the new handmade Wonder Woman capes.

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I guess the jury is still out on who is smarter, men or women. Most evaluations have been done by men so we should factor in environmental factors. Our brains are different that is for sure.

I really like the cape story, thanks for posting it.

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In many nations, International Women’s Day is a legal holiday with government offices and many businesses closed. We should have the same in the USA.

The solution to abuse based on gender is not to practise more abuse based on gender. If a male said the equivalent, they’d be a misogynist.

I do not understand any of this. Your first sentence is a statement of the obvious, akin to “The solution to fewer forest fires is to not practice lighting the forests on fire.” But why state that to me? Am I abusing women or something?

The second sentence “If a male said the equivalent, they’d be a misogynist.”

The equivalent of what? If a male said the equivalent of what? and to whom? please clarify. And who would say that man was a misogynist for saying what? You did not specify they would say.

I was responding to that and probably should have quoted it as now, but presumed you would be aware of what you said.

That is, if a male said the same thing about women, he’d be considered a misogynist.

I am a male and I did say that about women, “Brains leading the muscle, . . .women are smarter” so I am a misogynist? Fill me in please I am missing something.

Whether your male or not is irrellevant, to egregiously say women are smarter than men or men are smarter than women is to insult, abuse, a group based on gender. if you need me to explain that to you, then, really, I don’t know what to add to make it any simpler or more obvious. By a male saying the equivalent, I meant if a man were to say men are smarter than women he’d be considered to be saying something belittling to women and misogynist.