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On Its 85th Anniversary, 'No Damn Politician' Should Be Allowed To Scrap Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/its-85th-anniversary-no-damn-politician-should-be-allowed-scrap-social-security


Picture a mass demonstration at the White House to save SS. Trump sends in his mindless goons to break the heads of those demonstrators. The reality is that many of the demonstrators’ and the goons’ grandparents are probably just scraping by on SS. Do the goons crack heads? Of course, because public education sucks and they have been broken during basic training to just be robots–tools if you will. Let’s all remember that Bonus March of 1932. America has a vein of cruelty that the Owners use to keep the rabble in check. Until that vein is cut, Progress will be very difficult.


The sad truth is that we can trust Biden no more than Trump to protect SS. If Biden is elected, the DNC (the puppet masters who will be running the show, seeing as how Biden will be incapable of doing anything on his own) will think that they have received a ‘mandate’ from the people for more centrism. They will not want to appeaer vindictive towards the Republicans so they will do whatever they can to ‘work with’ them, even if it means going along with SS cuts.

Look for Biden and Harris to talk a mildly progressive game throughout the campaign, but it will be ALL talk. Once elected, they will pull an Obama and will bend over backward to keep pleasing their corporate masters and to placate the Republicans.

We seniors, working poor, and minorities do not have a voice at all. To the duopoly and the oligarchs we are the “unwashed masses” and they don’t give a rat’s ass whether we live or die.


Humans must really hate each other and life ,scraps for the poor but trillions on weapons of defence and offence .

I wonder were we got these ideas ?


We have given the 1% the keys to the Kingdom, and still they want more.

It’s time we take those keys back.


Biden has agreed to raise the cap on deductions to fund S.S. Railing nonsense at this point puts you in league with those who want to destroy it.

As neoliberal as the Dem ticket is, they are and will be pushed to the left by the reality of our combined crises, the rising progressive voices we elect to congress, and by our concerted activism and demands.


Talk is cheap
Biden has been supporting, adamantly, killing Social Security and Medicare for his entire career. Accepting his eleventh hour political epiphany requires willfully ignoring history and the current demands of his 1% donors. The difference between Trump and Biden/3rd Way DNC on this is that Trump said it out loud and would do it with a hatchet. Biden and crew however would do it with a thousand cuts over a period of time. You know, Pragmatic Triangulated Incrementalism

Talk is cheap, especially to a politician. And even more so during an election
Just because it came out of his pie-hole doesn’t mean we can or should believe it.

Saying what you will do,
and DOING what you say you will do,
are two different things



Which is why we need to stay in the streets and putting the pressure on but we have a better chance with the Dims than with empowered fascist repugs. Figure it out.


You linking Huey Long with the fascists and nazi despots you listed along side him, show great ignorance of Huey Long, or something else very wrong.

Huey Long was an ally of FDR in most things, but a strong adversary on the things he believed-in and defended strongly; Long was always a strong, principled voice for the people and against the accumulation of wealth and corruption of government by that wealth and influence!

" Whenever this administration (FDR’s) has gone to the left I have voted for it, and whenever it has gone to the right I have voted against it."

" We do not propose to say that there shall be no rich men. We do not ask to divide the wealth. We only propose that, when one man gets more than he and his children and children’s children can spend or use in their lifetimes, that then we shall say that such person has his share. That means that a few million dollars is the limit to what any one man can own"

" Before this miserable system of wreckage has destroyed the life germ of respect and culture in our American people, let us save what was here, merely by having none too poor and none too rich. The theory of the Share Our Wealth Society is to have enough for all, but not to have one with so much that less than enough remains for the balance of the people."

" They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen."

ALL the above Huey Long quotes refute your linkage and ignorance.

~https://www.ssa.gov/history/hlong1.html - Who Huey Long was!


FDR styled the Social Security program after Longs efforts. No, your attach defense of that attack will not do. Long was no threat to progressive issues, he was a force to empower them! He wasa threat to vulture capitalist and Wall Stree, banker forces.
Defending the attack on him and his legacy do not hold water. He was exactly the kind/type of politician the PTB for wealth and privilege feared

" President Roosevelt also moved to deflate Long’s appeal by incorporating some of his ideas as part of the Second New Deal, a more liberal version of FDR’s Great Depression reforms. For example, the Social Security system reflected Long’s proposal for old-age pensions, the Works Progress Administration mirrored public works programs begun by Governor Long in Louisiana, and the National Youth Administration reflected his student financial aid proposal. "

That doesn’t appear to be a threat to progressive/left actions by FDR, it seems the proximate stimulus to them. Perhaps FDR reared he would be forced to go too-far left and alienate Wall Street and other big-money forces - like the people and powers that assassinated him…


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I’m from Louisiana. I grew up with the legacy of Huey Long.

And I can say that Huey Long was a ruthless dictator. He did a lot of good for the poor people of the state, but he also ruled absolutely. He was not to be crossed.

I attended LSU. That stadium Huey built was also the worst kind of housing slum. Can you imagine living under the bleachers of a football stadium?


In this case, a goddamned narcissistic demagogue is trying to scrap FDR’s Social Security program.


“Long’s buffoonery.”? harsh criticism of one that gave his all - including his life - for the “little people”

Your linkage of Long with another fascist in the person is contained in the comment (slightly altered) “the character of both donald trump and Huey Long is disturbingly similar.” - and I say In no freakin way!

This conversation will perhaps be continued in another arena or thread. I urge a more nuanced view of Huey Long and reading his quotes, and more realization of the mental illness, treason, malignant nature, and contempt for the “little people” of America and the world by trump and his regime.

One last reply in the form of LSU history:

" Throughout Lawrence “Biff” Jones’ head coaching career at LSU, U.S. Senator Huey P. Long had reportedly interfered with his decision-making and recruiting At halftime of LSU’s 1934 final home game against Oregon, with the Tigers trailing 13-0, Long approached the team’s locker room and demanded to speak with the team Tired of Long’s meddling with the team, Jones informed the Senator that he would quit after the game, “win, lose, or draw.” The Tigers would come back and defeat the Ducks 14-13, and Jones would make good on his promise, leaving the program to coach the Oklahoma Sooners and later the Nebraska Cornhuskers


What does that have to do with anything?

Long was a great speaker. He gave a great pep talk. xx-0 score at half time with a close finish is a very typical Tigers game.

None of that has anything to do with whether or not Long was a tyrant.

Without Social Security $ coming in every month, millions will die! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Peace


Mr. Richtman, I heartily applaud your effort to educate the people with regard to the campaign by Mr. Trump and his Republican colleagues to cut or do away with our Social Security program. On the other hand, you fail to discuss the decades long and well documented efforts of Mr. Biden and the Democrats to cut rather than strengthen the program, and that calls into question the journalistic integrity of your work product, at least this one. I respectfully suggest that you would do a much better job for your intended audience by telling the whole story or at least provide a factual comparison of the Social Security track records of both presidential candidates and their parties.


You get what you vote for.

You had a chance to vote for what you seek, and you denied him, twice.

His name was Bernie.


‘No Damn Politician’

Democracy is slipping away as we sleep.

Trump and his crony Bar have expressly denied and effectively ended congressional oversight of the executive (except only, he says, in connection with specific related proposed legislation), with a stacked Supreme Court to back him up. Has anybody noticed?

If the President tells the IRS to stop doing what is required by law, and the IRS does stop, we have autocracy and Congress is feckless.

This outrage is but one of many, in government department after government department, court after court, with so-called, “corporate capture”, just now better described as, “autocrat capture”.

A vote for Trump is a vote to end democracy and the rule of law. He did say, before he was elected, that he was out to destroy, something akin to the older, “drown it in the bathtub” - maybe we should have listened.


Yes, shore up Social Security. It does not, in any way, shape or form, keep up with the cost of living. And god forbid one have any sort of emergency.
SS won’t be eliminated, it’s too popular. However, it could be privatized. Currently the purchasing power of SS payments decreases substantially year after year. Most seniors in their late 70s, or 80s and 90s have to be struggling to get by if SS is their only or main source of income.