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On Its 85th Anniversary, 'No Damn Politician' Should Be Allowed To Scrap Social Security

Wow. As I was reading the article I wrote, “We do not need the “owners,” and we owe them nothing. They need us , because without us they starve,” with a little tweaking for clarity before posting. But in addition, I have started a small discussion group with an exceptionally well read friend of nearly 20 years, and a former colleague from the CC at which we both taught the pseudo-science of economics. We all think in terms of the very big picture, and our main topic that is emerging is “Man’s inhumanity toward Man” (Burns), also called wetiko (indigenous American tribes), or simply “evil.” We are discussing its origin (often ascribed to the Agricultural Revolution and equated with the Biblical story of “The Fall”), its nature, and how humankind might begin to roll it back after several millennia of havoc and misery, based on the idea that another world IS possible.

Synchronicity or merely serendipity? I suspect the former. A few years ago I came up with the idea of a “worldwide movement of movements.” A couple of years later I found a book by that title which I had never seen, and which predated my epiphany.

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See my reply to WiseOwl, down the page.

The forums on CD are the most nihilistic of those on any other site that I know of.

“Watch what we do, not what we say.” - John Mitchell. As Phred said, talk is cheap. Both Clinton and Obama expressed a desire to cut Social Security. Monica Lewinsky kept Clinton from doing it and Mitch Fucking McConnell (of all people) kept Obama from doing it.

Those “damned politicians” need to understand that we SS recipients bought an insurance policy back when we were young and have faithfully payed into it since then. It is not a hand out like some kind of welfare. Any attempt to cut our SS benefits would be theft, plain and simple!


Understand this: our system of democracy (a misused term) is a sham and always has been. That is why “our” government was set up as a Democratic Republic. We “elect” people who are puppets of the plutocrats (who actually own “our” government officials who then go to Capitols to “represent” “us”). The trouble is that they actually represent their owners, the monied class who put them up to run for office (not us) and paid for their campaigns and promised them power and immense wealth if they played by the rules thereby creating a system which allowed wealth to own government. The propaganda used is to call it a democracy, which it is not and never has been.

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From the guise of “PATRIOTISM”.

We never had those keys. It was always “smoke and mirrors”.

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If you don’t vote for Democrats and/or vote for kanye crap candidate, then you are like any voting right winger. Period. Full stop. The facts, as hard as they are to realize are by NOT VOTING you are ALLOWING THE END TO SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, MEDICAID and many other government help.

And you have no right to say how “angry” you are when older Rethuglicons vote against their own interests. Because by not voting you are doing the same damn thing.

There is nothing clever, cute, funny, or smart about not voting. Fact. Period.


WiseOld, this is the commentary I made to “The Intercept” this mouring:

The only thing that will stop/arrest this most despicable looting of the most vulnerable of ‘we the American subjects’ of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE, is a full dose of Anti-Empire ‘WEALTH REFORM’ — IE. — to ‘claw-back’ everything above $10 million from the looting bastards.

We have way too many VCSPs in America and the whole effin world.

I knew you would ask about that acronym so … Very Comfortable Selfish Pricks


somethingcertainlyis, you are dead on target, and by target I mean this mean, rotten, effin EMPIRE!

This first and last in the world, Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE is the well camouflaged cancerous tumor that is fast metastasizing within our ‘body politik’ as we speak, exist, try to figure out a counter-strategy, and ultimately die.

But, WTF, as Bill Murray would more optimistically say, “at least we got that going for us”!

BTW, somethingisrotten, YES, Byeden is absolute __it, but that is why my newest double-sided protest signs simply say:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side,


Assuming Biden manages to squeak out a victory, remember this when Biden starts doing all these things. Anyone who believes Biden has any plans to strengthen the social safety net is a fool.

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Hi Emphyrio:
Thank you, I love Huey’s quotes : )

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Hi CIyde_AnkIe:

DonaId Trump is iIke no other government anything! Trump can’t even keep Mies straight! Trump —in his quest for power and money is probably more akin to his favorite president, Andrew Jackson. Although Jackson didn’t suffer from bone spurs. : )
However, Jackson was a horrible person more interested in money and in his and his relatives monetary gains than in anything eIse. AbsoIute power reaIIy does seem to absolutely corrupt! Trump’s brain does seem to be degrading by the day. The Trump gig might be up when the reporter asked him about his lies…I wonder if the Huff Post writer wiII be thrown out of the White House briefing room forever… But Good job reporter Date.
Trump needed to be caIIed out on aII of his Iies.

Swagman: You are spot on. I supported Bernie every month since his 2016 Campaign, Also wrote in his name on the CA Ballot in 2016. His ideas on healthcare are more important now than ever. Unfortunately when the big money backers jumped in the fray they influenced who would be the Dem Candidate. Only proved to me that the Dems were no different than the Repugs.

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Biden & Harris WON’T be able to pull the “centerist” collapse to GOP wishes ID (for once) WE THE PEOPLE do NOT curl up in a damn fetal position after the election saying “I can take a nap now since my Democratic daddy will make everything OK again.” We have to KEEP THE PRESSURE ON for PROGRESSIVE change. We have to say “normal” is NOT good enough! "The OLD “normal” produce Trump.

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They already have they just didnt tell us.
Take away the workers paying into it and it WILL die.


First, Social Security won’t get “scrapped”. But it will at some point have to be saved, and it is to be determined what it looks like after it is saved. The problem with Social Security is its financing. That financing is not sustainable.

Likely even when FDR signed it they knew it was unsustainable. But at the time, with workers’ life expectancy about equal to 65 years (what a coincidence!) and, even at 14% unemployment, about 15 workers for each recipient, Social Security running aground was far enough in the future that politicians gleefully signed the bill anyway.

Even progressives, at some times, admit that Social Security is not sustainable, hence the bill by Rep. John Larson. Among other things, Rep. Larson proposes raising taxes so that “the rich pay their fair share.” Well, when that Congress passed the bill and FDR signed it, the rich were paying their fair share of that social insurance program. Taxes were capped at so much income, and so were benefits. It seemed fair at the time, and that is the same law today. What we see in Rep. Larson’s bill and many progressive articles is an effort to move the goal posts. The next sentence is even more disturbing, since it implies that all income in the nation’s GDP belongs to the collective, to be distributed as we-all decide would be best. Full rank Karl Marx. (I have to wonder if there is ever any point that progressives agree that the rich are paying enough.)

The article contains a falsehood (currently). It claims “Upon announcing this executive order, the President promised to “terminate” payroll taxes if re-elected.” No. What Pres. Trump said then and hasn’t changed is that if he is re-elected he will seek to forgive the payroll taxes deferred from now to then. Nothing about terminating future taxes going forward from then. And, incidentally, Pres. Obama did the same thing a few years back.

Then, response to

True, and no good, SOL. Whether it is Social Security, or a private or state pension or insurance policy, if premiums paid are “too small” and payouts are too high the pension or insurance plan goes bankrupt. It doesn’t matter that you had paid lots of good money. It is still bankrupt, and no amount of squeezing a rock will get any blood, or payout, out of it. You are invited to sue the directors of the plan for every individual asset they’ve got, but it still won’t be enough to make good on the shortfall between the money the plan has and what it is contractually obligated to pay.

I once years ago saw an interesting article. You will recall that the Soviet Union essentially went bankrupt and out of existence. (A difference between us and them is that our Social Security will pay benefits even if the recipient was living in communist Poland, (many were), while their Social Security would not pay if the recipient was living outside the USSR.) Years later I read that pensioners were still receiving Soviet Social Security. Russia was paying it. The size of the checks was typically about $30/month.

AMEN!!! Now I, and many of us ,are in a Faustian bargain: hold our noses and vote for Biden/Harris ticket as I did with HRC in 2016 (for “Party Unity”)- or just not vote for the Presidential ticket…but for down ballot candidates