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On July Fourth, A Message For The Patriotic Resistance


On July Fourth, A Message For The Patriotic Resistance

Joe Conason

On this Fourth of July, Americans live restlessly under a presidential administration hostile to the ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Most Americans despise the president — a blustering, feckless lout who ignores those documents as he undermines freedom of the press and the free exercise of religion. He has appointed a government of plutocrats, mostly mirroring his own unfitness for office, who appear determined to dismantle the institutions that have made this country humane, strong, prosperous, and respected.


I think change toward a more multiracial society is inevitable but the right is attempting to resist this change. This backlash should probably not be surprising. Change is disrupting and can result in winners and losers. This is fertile territory of a demagogue like Trump. It is interesting that Nate Silver found that Google searches for terms that included the n-word corresponded more to geographical areas that voted for Trump than anything else. And data researchers have found that there was no correlation between Google searches for terms with n-word and unemployment (Everybody Lies. Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us about Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidotiwitz). What this indicates is that Trump ran strongest in areas where there was the most explicit racism. Hillary Clinton said election was about who we are as a people and looking back at this type of data analysis that seems accurate. However, the outcome of the election was not decisive in determining who we are. Trump won the electoral college vote showing we are a racist society but Clinton won the popular voting showing we are a tolerant society. The study of data using Google search terms shows us that many more Americans are explicit racists then was believed. What we should do is acknowledge this and look for answers to deal with this situation so we can all live together in this country in a multiracial society where every citizen is truly a first class citizen.


LOL, The John Birch Society was not formed until 1958, almost two decades later. Pat Buchanan and McCarthy? Seriously? This reads like some kind of joke written by conservatives to make liberals and progressives look ridiculous. The Birch Society, Buchanan, the Kochs, and McCarthy were always opposed to ALL socialism, whether that be of the National Socialist (Nazi) variety or the International Socialist (Soviet) variety. Perhaps Common Dreams could invest in a fact checker?


Blah, Blah Blah “the flag and history.” Our history is of slavery, genocide and imperialist expansion. Our flag is the only one ever designed to grow with conquest. Rather than “defiling” what America is, he embodies it. We need to stop pretending it was ever really anything else and move beyond the corporate scam of the nation-state model. We need to declare a Declaration of Interdependence . Consider tomorrow, July 5th Interdependence Day


“So when Trump and his supporters swath themselves in Old Glory, while committing yet another offense against the Constitution…”

Like Obama never happened?


While the “right” and the “left” are monikers for the two parties of the Duopoly who have served as the vehicles to elevate the 1% to the top of the food chain, I personally prefer to choose another direction to go which brings ‘equality’ to all classes.

I choose “Above”. Of course, “below” is not an option for obvious reasons.

“Above” puts us above the corruption and greed of the Duopoly which has decimated our Democracy, turning it into something else, something that lies to most of America while rewarding those at the top most generously.

On this Fourth of July, think “Above” the Bullshit that we are fed on a daily basis. Make equality for all the Dream you have for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren.

I know many here disagree with me on this, however, it is my belief we as a people, must reject the Duopoly system, bury it with the corruption it embodies, and move “Above” it to a new and more inclusive of all classes form of governance.

Happy Fourth of July to all!


it is Conason, after all. Devoted neoliberal and party man. It’s always amusing to see corporatists speak of ‘resistance’ and ‘patriotism’ as they trundle about dismantling the architecture of both.


Well, I guess there is no truth to the rumor that is beginning to circulate, that the orange turd is thinking about getting rid of those “silly white stars” in the flag, replacing them with little golden cash registers, though it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • As I have often urged, buy or download copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.
  • Read them carefully and study them. Look at the conditions that the Declaration specifies and says mandates a change of government. Look around you today. About the only difference between the things we found revolting then and those we find revolting today is that the enemy is not a king across the sea, it lives and thrives on Wall Street and in the pretty much bought and paid for Houses of Congress, who are to make laws preventing any interruption or limitation of profits. It has been long established that we have the best politicians and government that money can buy.
  • It is way past time that We the People remove these Greedy Old Parasites from office and try them for their many crimes. And not only them, but their across the aisle partners in crime who call themselves Democrats and take turns with the parasites in ripping us off.
  • The system is broken and we’ve got to put aside our pet projects and competition for the crumbs that fall from wealth’s tables and pull together.
  • United as a coalition, working for the common good, we can take our nation back.
  • But, time is running out, rapidly, as the Oilagarchy continues to disassemble the United States, putting the profits in their own pockets. They now own most of the courts, all the way up to the Supreme Court, now controlled by these Nazis, 5-4, and you can see how that is going to go by their approving part of trump’s Muslim ban while they “study” the rest of it, presumably to approve it. They control the military and law enforcement, they support for profit prisons, and on and on and on.
  • We the People have to learn to cooperate, to help one another as we did during WW-II, and work for a renewal of this nation and an exile or imprisonment of these criminals in government clothing.
  • Just one old man’s opinion, of course.


Great post, minitrue.


I like Mark Twain’s comment about patriotism: Patriotism means supporting your country all of the time, and supporting its government only when it deserves it.

So few people these days are able to distinguish between the country and its government.


From one old man to another, you just nailed it.