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On Leaders and Demagogues


On Leaders and Demagogues

Robert Reich

Among the current crop of candidates for president of the United States, who exhibits leadership and who doesn’t?

Leadership isn’t just the ability to attract followers. Otherwise some of the worst tyrants in history would be considered great leaders. They weren’t leaders; they were demagogues. There’s a difference.

A leader brings out the best in his followers. A demagogue brings out the worst.

Leaders inspire tolerance. Demagogues incite hate.


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Powerful words, Mr. Reich... and quite inspiring:

"Leaders inspire tolerance. Demagogues incite hate.

"Leaders empower the powerless; they give them voice and respect. Demagogues scapegoat the powerless; they use scapegoating as a means to fortify their power."

I don't think George Wallace should be on the list because he had the courage and grace to publicly repent his actions, and that was a tremendous precedent in the Deep South.

Carson is a demagogue for another reason: his complete misogynistic sell-out on women's rights. Today on "Democracy.Now" Amy Goodman airs him comparing tolerance for slavery with tolerance for abortion. His stance is that even after rape, a woman should have no right to an abortion. Talk about a different form of slavery (women's subjugation to patriarchal religious controls) which this male chauvinist pig has no problem with... at all. Somebody give this guy a beard and a turban and send him to the Taliban. His resume would have him fit right in!

(Irony, of ironies, the religious right wingers like this wing-nut!)


The oligarchy's plan:

Must read. Free at Google ebooks:

"Making The Oligarchy Obsolete Defining Problems of Coercion and Seeking Voluntary Solutions"
By Todd Borho


I am assuming the irony is that they hate people elsewhere that are just like them. They have been working to become America's version of the taliban for decades. So it is no surprise that the religious republicans like him. He speaks their language.


I see it as them embracing a Black man because he's more anti-abortion than half the white freaks from the Republican clown show.


Thank you for the book recommendation. I have about 4 ahead of that one...