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On Leadership, Humanity and Golf Trophies


On Leadership, Humanity and Golf Trophies

We Can't Even. Okay, Drumpf may have called San Juan's tireless mayor "nasty," and the Puerto Ricans begging for help "ingrates," and complained, "They want everything to be done for them," and insisted the recovery is "getting great reviews" though 95% of people have no power and up to 55% have no water. But Sunday he dedicated a golf trophy to them. Amidst the outrage, Olbermann says it best: "GET THIS SON OF A BITCH THE FUCK OUT OF HERE."


If you dial 1-800-333-4636 you will get the Federal Information line and they are very nice people. They will assist you in getting all the phone numbers you’ll need to get the message across that IMPEACHMENT proceedings must start NOW. It is up to us, all of us, to save our country. To save lives. To come to the aid of our fellow countrymen. Enough is enough.

Thank You for being patriotic and true patriots.


Impeachment won’t save our country. Pence will just become president and the GOP who are behind the policy actions of this administration will remain. This country as it stands now is finished, like all empires in the past were. The best we can realistically hope for is that it doesn’t take the rest of the world down with it.


cannot stop, not until I die, my fam’s been here 360 years this year, too many ghosts


Impeachment proceedings must start immediately with calls on the House floor TODAY to proceed.

ANYONE blocking the impeachment proceedings or not supporting them is complicit in little Dumpy’s deadly incompetence, and corruption.


I did contact Ryan last night via his web page and I demanded just that, had to write it out so there is a real document to be had


My dear lord. This is not a human being. This is a soulless, evil, clueless, heartless, blob of cells masquerading as a human being. How anyone - even Il Douche’s blind, stupid worshippers - could support this piece of excrement after this latest display of his true nature - is beyond me. Time to put him in jail and deport all of his supporters, methinks.


I disagree

We impeached Nixon, Threw out his VP and the US ATTY General and put a muzzle on the FBI.

If you want to give up…keep it to yourself.


We didn’t impeach Nixon. He quit before it could, inevitably, happen. His first V.P, Spiro Agnew, was already gone, due to corruption. Gerald Ford succeeded him, then became president on Nixon’s resignation.


And then pardoned his slimy ass.


Olberman is right, this POS is a threat to everything and must be called-out in the strongest possible terms! ANY attempt at defending his indefensible madness and contempt for the lives of all others and our Mother Earth, makes those people, whoever they might be, complicit to his crimes and ego-driven destruction of our free republic!

Democratic establishment and HRC; this is the nightmare insane creature you were instrumental in unleashing on us! THAT betrayal will NEVER be forgiven!

Keith Olbermann rightly pulled no punches. "Republicans! This is the creature you have unleashed on us "GET THIS SON OF A BITCH THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"


Yes, that was a truly righteous rant by Keith. Love that guy.


The mechanics of this is interesting. According to the Constitution (Remember that “goddam piece of paper”?), the President can pardon anybody except one who has been impeached. Impeachment removes the person from any office held and bars him/her from ever holding an office of public trust. However the person impeached is then liable for trial for his crimes and misdemeanors, conviction and punishment.
*Noxin, or his advisors knew this and, had he been impeached, all the government dirty laundry would have been exposed at the trial.
*So, he resigned before the impeachment could be announced. His successor, Gerald Ford, pardoned him, the laundry basket remained sealed, the Senate, Congress, and other government agencies breathed a sigh of relief and the crooked game went on unquestioned. Noxin went his merry way and We the People have been living with the results of this disaster ever since.
*I’m sure the dotard in chief is being advised on this, or his handlers are making plans to avoid this pesky legal problem.


A couple of things I forgot to mention. Noxin, after a year or so, was back in the government. If memory serves he was the US expert on Chinese Affairs. State Department, I think.
*The main problem with this impeachment is getting two thirds of a hundred mostly wealthy, well bought, crooked Senators to bring in a guilty verdict.


mini, thanks, you’re a better historian than i am… i have to ask you…and whoever else wants to answer…how are we better off with dump off the throne? the ONLY thing i can think of is that pence is not as openly disgusting, but i think we should never, ever underestimate his evil or his benighted “mind.” throw in the rest of the swamp (congress and cabinet) and i can’t see where it’s better…maybe, maybe…pence wouldn’t be daring kim jong un like this POS does. i bet i’m putting into words what many people are thinking today…paddock went to the wrong city.


ditton, i respect your passion and your activism, but i need you to tell me how this country is better off with dump removed and pence seated. impeachment charges being gathered and brought to the house is one helluva long process…then charges taken up in the senate. do you know how long all this would take, especially with the majority being spineless republicans or sycophants or cut from the same bolt? do you KNOW how evil pence really is? he is rotten to the core and then some. he just has better manners in the middle of the night or in front of people. my first question stands.


Trump is a typical CEO. He is clueless to the lives of the people who make the company run. In the CEO,s mind everyone is useless except him. Go out and lie to your employee’s without batting an eye.

I worked for a large corp—they would take this survey every year–I got this notice in the mail from the CEO–“we hear you—from the survey we have determined that employee’s want us to focus on the now”-so we will be getting rid of the pension plan.

Just look at how Romney made all his money----and what did Romney say behind closed doors?
Republicans want to destroy Medicaid,Medicare and Social Security—Trump is a distraction as the corporate elite continue their theft----just look at what happened with the military budget-80b increase with the help of democrats???


Pense is part of the machine and operates within the machine, which means he has gears/connections that can be manipulated. I am well aware of the time it takes to do all that an impeachment requires, I’m 66 years old and all that. My family has been here 360 years this year. I am a dyed in the wool american and have to live with the dream that the machine is a good-one. I invite you to gilbertweaversatchell.org to learn more.


Thanks for taking time to post a reply, but my question about pence stands: how is having him at the helm safer for America and her beleaguered institutions than having the friggin’ idiot who’s in the WH now? Pence is a wild-eyed theocrat, anti-woman, homophobic, xenophobic, caterer to Wall Street and anti-environmental and other sane regulations tool or fool (take your pick). That he IS part of an oil-soaked machine and doesn’t give a rip for our constitution/ bill of rights but wants some bible to rule us should scare the sh** out of anyone with any sense of American citizenship.


Ouch, okay :smile: yes he scares the hell outta me but they all do. We are under one party rule with a madman at the wheel. Our government is so corrupt that this isn’t america anymore. I wanna do the right things and if I have to present a stiff upper-lip and sally forth I’ll do it. I really have no choice. What little of the “democratic” institutions we have left can be preserved the better chance for survival we have. Thanks for giving a damn, there are americans out there I see.