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'On Message as Always': Sanders Works His Heart Procedure Into Case for Medicare for All as #GetWellBernie Trends

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/03/message-always-sanders-works-his-heart-surgery-case-medicare-all-getwellbernie


Got my 2020 declaration from Medicare (Part D) drug insurer yesterday. The monthly premium was double the amount paid in 2019! Like in 100% increase! Get well soon Bernie. I don’t want to be eating with the cat and dog.


As always, Bernie is indefatigable and forceful, and on message!
Best wishes and prayers for a swift and complete recovery to good health!


Good retort from Bernie but I am worried that this could be a voter setback and Warren will gain steam. It may be good timing at least so early in the process and he can become to robust health again. This is a very common procedure. I know people who got this in their forties and are in their seventies today.


Of all the candidates who should’ve gone plant-based or vegan, it’s Bern the turn who went AWOL.
Maybe he’s been eating too much kale and spinach.
Someone please tell this man that stents are a bandage; so leave the saturated fats alone.

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Who is Bern the turn and why does he or she have such an odd moniker? What does “the turn” mean in the context of this peculiar moniker?

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This is very sad indeed and will attract the usual Rep. remarks of ,
“See he is too old”.
He’s not too old , he is too intelligent and caring about people and the planet for the GOP scum to tolerate.
Get well Bernie


If he’s back on the trail in a week or ten days, robust as hell, talking about how Americans are ripped off on the price of stents, he might just pick up steam in the polls.

Another factor: Possible implosion by ByeDone as he answers Ukrainegate allegations. The second choice (pre-blocked artery) of ByeDone supporters is Bernie.

All speculation of course…And is anyone in the press going to call out Liz for weasel wording her stance on the children of high-ranking officials taking lucrative positions with foreign companies? Someone oughta pin her down on an issue for once…


I was expecting him to use this as a teachable moment to really relate directly to a lot of people facing this extraordinarily expensive procedure but not being able to afford it… let’s hope the at risk, underinsured or uninsured are listening and ‘getting it’ finally.


Sanders is such a decent man, so valuable in adding substance to the political campaigns, and so important to the idea of grassroots influence, even if he is not your first choice for a nominee I hope you appreciate what he is doing and join in on the best wishes


The corporate media and fellow politicians have been very civil to him - so far. I’m guessing they’ll save the cries of “he’s too old and infirm to be President” for the debate on the 15th. I do not believe that they will totally let this go. His supporters need to double-down on the counter arguments now.


1.8 million stent procedures a year times at least $10,000 per procedure (You can “use the Google” to confirm that price.) equals $18 Billion.

“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.”

We’ve known since the 1980s that a low fat vegan/vegetarian diet can unclog coronary arteries - without anesthesia, the risks of infection, aneurysm, blood clots, and arterial punctures, and at a cost of zero dollars. For details, see pcrm.com and books by Neal Barnard, Dean Ornish, and T. Colin Campbell. The books include pictures from CT scans that show clogged arteries being opened after a month or two on a low fat vegan/vegetarian diet.

Yes, I’m very happy that Bernie will be back better than ever. (Bernie has been my preferred Presidential candidate since 2011, when he decided not to run against Oreo, the Trojan horse.)

This is a “teachable moment”, but we should be careful to learn all of the lessons. One lesson is that we need M4A; another is that we should stop making ourselves sick.


Just for your edification. You may not agree…I’m not suggesting you should.

And for laffs, I attached an Onion headline on Bernie. Enjoy:


Who is “they?” It’s been a pretty small story overall (good campaign messaging), all the other candidates wished him well, and the Senate Minority Leader tweeted he’s doing good. It’s like people here are more into projecting victimhood than the positive, that he appears to be recovering well.

The reality is Sanders is old. Age is a concern even for a vibrant guy like Sanders. That he had a procedure is going to make some voters think twice when they have other options. There’s a reason why voters are attracted to youngish candidates, generally speaking. Nearly all presidents have been under 60 at their first election.

The platforms, records, and sources of money for each candidate are, and should be, more of a concern than age alone. Really looking into those issues takes more time and effort on the part of voters, rather than reading some misleading headline, or listening to the bilge spewed on television about age or medical “surgeries” vs what is considered a “procedure”.

I’d rather have a candidate with a health concern/issue that will work for the people rather than one that takes money from corporate interests that will expect returns on their investments.


Bernie reminds me of our own Tommy Douglas deemed the father of Canada’s single payer system. Tommy Douglas was born to a poor family and as a child suffered from osteomyelitis. At one point the Doctors indicated his leg would have to be amputated until another Doctor stepped in and volunteered his own services for free given the financial status of his family. He never forgot that and vowed that he would work to ensure no other family was ever put trough the same things he and his parents were put through.

Bernie Sanders comes from much the same place. While his own health care allowed this treatment he, much like Tommy Douglas consider the other rather then just the self. He may not be right on everything , but he is genuine in his compassion for his fellow citizens , something all too lacking in politicians these days.


Long Live the Most Conscientious Humanitarian Politician in America.

You are the only Candidate running for the Presidency that will not have to go to the Wizard for a Brain, or for Courage or for a Heart.

Love You Bern, Get Well Soon, you have given Millions of People Hope that there is a Pathway to a Gentler, Kindhearted America, where Greed is Marginalized and we become a Nation where we are our Brothers Keeper, instead of following a Philosophy of Every Man/Woman for Themselves Aboard the Good Ship USA.



One piece of Medical Advice for my dear friend Bernie.

Arteries do not become Clogged on a Plant Based Diet as Hundreds of Studies have shown; read:
“Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by: C.B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.

A Stent is only a temporary solution for One particular part of the Body.

If the Arteries around the Heart are beginning to Clog up then you must be concerned that the Thousands of Important Arteries leading to Vital Organs, including the Brain are also starting to decrease the flow of Blood.

A High Fat Diet of Animal Proteins is the Main Cause of Atherosclerosis: Hardening of the Arteries.

Bernie, Now is the Time to Switch to a Plant Based Diet, it is Healthier for your Body, will Reverse your Clogged Arteries and is in Line with your Green New Deal.

Raising Animals for Food is a Major Contributor to the Climate Crisis, is Inhumane and Very Unhealthy.

Go Vegan, for Personal Health and for the Health of the Planet.


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That has been the Corporate news mantra ad nauseam! And what is sad it will even get worse from here on out.

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That’s fine, I’m not arguing that point. I’m arguing the constant victim projection is stupid and only feeds exactly the issue supporters are trying to avoid—Sanders’s age being used as a cudgel.