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On Monkey Selfies and "Friends"


On Monkey Selfies and "Friends"

Bringing an end to an improbable battle over "the world’s most litigious selfie," a federal appeals court has ruled that Naruto, an endangered crested macaque, does not have legal standing to file a copyright claim against a photographer who provided the camera for said selfie because Naruto is not human. The court also took a jab at PETA, who represented Naruto on the basis of their "significant relationship," noting, "If any such relationship exists, PETA appears to have failed to live up to the title of 'friend.'"


I contend that Naruto is closer to being “human” than is a Corporation, which is an artificial concept that has nevertheless been officially declared to have the rights of “personhood”.


I would like to argue that if private taking of another personish is not acceptable without the personish’s permission,…, then why is it ok for goverenment do it??? Turn off all of the public cameras!!! Take the phones off the street corners!!!


I’ll second that! Say it again! say it LOUD!


The irony of course being that all of the exclusionary/externalized criteria, demanded by predatory capitalism, in order to be able to turn over a dead profit from its grave, are precisely the INPUTS that are needed in order to reverse the descent into hell.

No worries… right? Is it right or are rights becoming the same difference!!!
The fewer rights human beings are able to consider for other species presents a direct correlation with the capacity to experience coherent cause and effect.


I’m 100% for the Nonhuman Rights Project. We must make the courts recognize, acknowledge and respect the dignity of nonhuman animals. It’s time we deconstruct, destabilize and demolish the “politics of human identity,” an ideology that corrupts justice and common sense.

Please see: https://www.nonhumanrights.org/blog/nhrp-statement-monkey-selfie-case/


Most importantly monkeys cannot be holders of intellectual property because, to their credit, monkeys are not capitalists, they are anarchists and refuse to respect any rich-man’s “intellectual so-called ‘property’” anyway. And, as Naruto or any other crested macaque knows, property is theft!