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On Oblivious Murder: George Bush Paints the Veterans Whose Lives He Shattered


On Oblivious Murder: George Bush Paints the Veterans Whose Lives He Shattered

In a surreal stab at redemption, George Bush is back and being feted for his newest, guileless, bloodstained, evidently unironic painting project "Portraits of Courage," a book and exhibit of Forrest-Gumpish tribute portraits of 98 men and women blown apart, broken down, rendered limbless and otherwise shattered by his senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Idiocy in art has its charms," one critic notes, but in war criminals "those charms quickly sour."


JFK wrote a book called: PROFILES IN COURAGE.

It would be appropriate for Bush to write one called: PROFILES IN COWARDICE.


It's Obscenely Disingenuous, how after giving Fifty Seven Cents of every Discretionary Tax Dollar, paid by US Citizens, to the Military, there is a constant call for Aid to Veterans, further to be footed by US Citizens, now framed as a "Charity".

That said, W should be doing his painting in a Prison Cell.


The unconscionable splooge of hubristic compartmentalization.


W. Bush, Trump, Koch Brothers and all their ilk makes me glad of mortality--can you imagine having such types around forever?


No better way to cover one's litany of crimes against humanity than a lick of paint, I always say.


what a waste of canvas and paint... :frowning:


I agree, W should be doing his paintings in a prison cell and the fact that this war criminal that is responsible for so many American and Iraqi deaths, has not been tried for being a war criminal, tells me we are living in a military dictatorship!


More like "Profiles in Barbaric Savagery"


That 3-year old ONN (Onion News Network) link in the article was hilarious I detect parody pretty fast but even I was taken in for the first minute...


Chris Hedges has a pertinent description for people like the artist: "Moral squalor."


When was it? 2004? Democrats had taken the house and Senate, the Iraq war was in full swing, And Pelosi said impeachment was off the table. The Democratic elite collaborated fully with Bush on both the 9/11 false flag and cover up and then the wars. Bush looks to be more of a puppet by the day.


It's convenient for Dick Cheney and his scrum of jingoist PNAC authors that history may remember them as bit players when it comes to attributing blame for the Iraq War. It was also prescient of Cheney, et al, to have made a pawn of Bush for their wars, placing themselves in positions beyond the usual ambit of culpability. In no way am I exonerating Bush. But the whole cabal deserves credit for what happened. "You can hide, but the truth is all there is." (Roisin Murphy, from The Truth.)


This is just sick. There is no other word for it.


I notice you omitted Cheney. Who as a cyborg, indeed, appears destined to be with us forever.


Good title!


GWB dodged the draft by joining the Reserve, then never showed up for a single day of uniformed service. For forty years America has just looked away from this act of cowardice.


I'd like to jam this book up his tight little ass. Fucking COWARD!