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On One-Year Anniversary of Net Neutrality Repeal, Over 100 Groups Demand McConnell Immediately Allow Vote on Save the Internet Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/11/one-year-anniversary-net-neutrality-repeal-over-100-groups-demand-mcconnell

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Net Neutrality justice would demand that the turtle be tied from a tree by his tail and used as a piñata to discover what tales he has been hiding throughout his rather opaque political career.


That’s the least. One bum, just that one, and all this damage, damage, damage. Add in his rotten wife and her McConnell- funding father in Shanghai while you are at it. Too bad the “guillotine method” wound up with Napoleon. Otherwise, I can understand why it was so attractive to the lower classes back then.


“Over 100 Groups Demand McConnell Immediately Allow Vote…”

I’ll say it again; all this “demanding” of the powers that (unfortunately) be, seems more than a little like crying “wolf”.


Boiled in a cauldron. The country I grew up in relished snapping turtle soup, but McConnell’s meat is probably too tough and would be spit out.

Would there be a veto-proof majority in the Senate? It didn’t pass the house with a 2/3 majority passing by 232-190. In other words, it is a useless demand that McConnell will feel free to ignore. We need to call senate-rooter.

Mitch McConnell is proud of his being able to thwart the constitutional wishes of our founders who thought they were providing for majority rule in the Senate, and for justices of the Supreme Court to be appointed via nomination of the President and confirmation by the Senate. His photograph should be in the dictionary under mala fide.


Mitch is probably one of the best examples of our rigged system. How can one odious turtle have the power to hold up the nomination of a SCOTUS justice and stop the wheels of government by deciding which bills to bring up for a vote?

If its not direct, its not democracy.

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An actual vote, pass or fail, would be meaningful as it would call out those corporate shills in both parties propping up the rule of “Chairman Pai”, much as an Impeachment vote, pass or fail, would call out Trump enablers and apologists.

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Sorry, you’re right of course. However, the Democrats needs to pass these items (Universal healthcare, net neutrality, immigration reform, ending US participation in wars in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Yemen (among about 20 others)) multiple times. Attach them to every spending bill. The Republicans tried to kill Obamacare over 50 times. Why can’t the Democrats fight like they really believe?