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On Our Watch, Global Giraffe Population 'Pushed Toward Extinction'


On Our Watch, Global Giraffe Population 'Pushed Toward Extinction'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The global giraffe population has "plummeted" by nearly 40 percent over the last 30 years, and is now "threatened with extinction," according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) "Red List" released Thursday.


The amount of land needed to feed one Giraffe has much greater financial return if transformed into land that will grow soybeans. A Giraffe has little monetary value therefore must be sacrificed to generate wealth and jobs.

This is the obscenity of what we call "The Free markets" and neoliberalism wherein everything monetized and ascribed a monetary value.

Now some environmentalists will argue that Tourism and the like can generate more financial reward but in so doing they fall into the same trap.They base the Giraffes "value" on how well it enhances the artificial economies humankind constructs. The Giraffe and all animal and plant species have rights to life independent of what homo sapiens claim to grant it.


'Rights for the Environment' ???

Christopher Stone's remarkable legal argument in 1972 is, I think, a must read for all in the environmental movement, and so I post its link below:


Likewise, E.O Wilson's new book "Half-Earth":


But really, one feels like a broken wheel, or at least I do.

So much effort - and then Trump ! ???


That was a word from "The Right Stuff" - what makes a plane, or an astronaut, go 'up' !

Science & scientists are in thrall to their 'funding' sources, which are almost all invariably tied to governments and their institutions.

A United Nations committee charged with saving the Holocene from The Anthropocene would need funding - and hence the right to tax - independent of nations.

Any suggestions ?

Manysummits in Calgary

PS: Looking at the recent developments in the Arctic Sea Ice area (+20 deg C air temp anomaly and ~ +4 deg C Arctic Ocean water temp anomaly), and at the very same time, the spectacular six to seven standard deviation drop in the extent of Antarctic Sea Ice - well, it's hard not to wonder if the climate is contemplating a backflip - some sort of radical re-organization.

As a former small plane pilot - it feels like just before stall.



Humans will not be satisfied until until every large animal and most of the small are extinct - our actual place in the Web of Life has not been realized by humans or the capitalist system that rules the world - great sadness has been my constant companion for decades witnessing the increasing slaughter and disappearance of The Wild - the response from humans generally has been pathetic. Now, after the ignorance of failed steward Obama, we are left with even greater ignorance and contempt for all but money - "We" and our so-called leaders have been consumed by "growth", profits above all else, worshiping Mammon, rather than having respect and caring for our Mother Earth and Her creatures.

"If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever, happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth." - Ted Perry


They know what it means to stand tall.
May we find a way to save them and ourselves.

I couldn't find a way to upload this photo of two giraffes in Zimbabwe in a reasonable size. Seems there's a 20 kb restriction from CD, yet if I paste a Youtube url, it shows full size so that must not affect the storage on CD, if that's the issue.


Yes, all of these sentient creatures have a life of their own. And who says that humans are "worth" more than any animal? Actually we are hominids-we are animals also, and we have done more damage to the Earth all in the name of money and profits. It seems also that our political and spiritual leaders will not talk about overpopulation as if it is generated on its own without any source of critical thinking and education. They always seem to take the monetary/economic view instead of just letting nature be.


Yes, using animals and acting like they are in "our" space has been done for so long. Being a vegetarian for over three decades, I actually do that for ethical rather than health reasons ( which is the more popular one). We humans have not learned to share space with wild animals, and sometimes act like they are enemies rather than fellow inhabitants of the Earth. Our spiritual leaders ( at least in Main Street society) seem to favor economic rather than harmonic needs, as if that rises above all. Overpopulation of humans has not really been discussed except by a group called ZPG ( zero population growth) in decades, and if it is brought up it is treated as a radical notion. Placing animals in zoos or wild animal parks is ridiculous , and is usually used for entertainment the almighty dollar.
I remember when the movie Jaws was released. After it became popular sharks were hunted to near extinction. They are not our enemy. They are merely surviving in THEIR homes.Entertainment like SeaWorld is abhorent, although there is some rescue and release to my knowledge, but forcing an animal to perform is cruel punishment. Whenever I hear about that and the extinction of a species all in the name of growth and profit it makes me SICK!


Beautiful photo, nd I love the stand tall quote.


Time for good people to stick our necks out for these amazing beings.


Jules Howard: "It's this historic 'death-by-a-thousand-cuts' writ large."

How about Death by 7.5 BILLION human beings? The world is so grossly overpopulated with human animals (to whom greed is a particular characteristic) that there's no room for any other animal species or plant species or even water for that matter (draining the flood plains to build houses anyone?)

I am at a loss to know why the human species keeps procreating. Is it because the human species so disconnected with the natural world? Or because they still believe in the religious doctrine of 'be fruitful and have dominion over the earth"? Why? Someone please help me understand why humans continue to breed ever more humans? Why?


"And who says that humans are "worth" more than any animal?"

"I'd rather kill a man than a snake. Not because I love snakes or hate men. It is a question, rather, of proportion." --Edward Abbey